Saturday, March 1, 2008

Belly and Presents!

13w 2d

Hey look, a Saturday post! I thought it was only fair that I post today since I missed out on yesterday. Paul is doing okay, he is in a lot of pain, but I keep feeding him the pain killers. I have been busy all morning shoveling and cleaning the house and I am in need of a nap now! A couple days ago, we got a package in the mail and I wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to Aaron, Ann, Lauren and Ben for the cute gift! Once the baby comes, I can use this to make an impression of his hand and make an ornament (when he's sleeping of course). So, thank you guys so much - we love it and can't wait to use it!
An of course, the 13 week belly picture. If anything, I think it may have gotten smaller since the bloat is finally going away. Compare for yourself! It's a little close because I had to take this one by myself (it's a little hard for Paul to balance on one leg and take a picture).
Okay. Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back Monday!

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