Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dear Baby - 13 Weeks


Dear Baby-

What a crazy and exhausting day! Your dad had surgery on his ankle today and I feel like I have been running non-stop. I guess it is some good practice for when you come! He is doing great and sitting next to me on the couch on his computer with his foot propped up. He has been a really good patient and is following all doctors orders to a t!

Great news this week. Most of the baby websites are in agreement that you are the size of a peach. I say it's about time! The tissue for the bones is being formed this week and the eyes and ears are moving closer to their final resting place. Your eyelids will remained closed for the next four months. I must say, you have really slowed down your development lately, but I understand, perfection takes time!

I have been feeling pretty good and the bloat has nearly disappeared except for after dinner of course (but who isn't bloated after dinner?!). I almost finished Happiest Baby on the Block in the surgery waiting room today and I am very impressed. I would have never thought of a lot of the points the book mentions, but they are generally common sense. I am really excited to try these techniques out on 27 weeks! Good night!

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