Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Baby's First Election

13w 5d

Happy primary day! The baby had no choice but to go vote with me this morning, in the rain. I hope all you Ohio/Texas/Rhode Island/Vermont-ians exercised your right today. I have been thinking about this for a long time, and what a wonderful year to be brought into the world. Yes, there is a recession, gas prices are crazy and we are still at war, but let's not focus on the negative. There is a great possibility that this baby will be born right before a black man or a woman is about to take office. How cool is that? What else? Cleveland sports are FINALLY looking up. The Browns went 10-6 last year and are looking better than ever. The Cavs went to the NBA finals last season and are also looking great. King James is here! The Indians almost made it all the way last season. Ohio State - there's not much I have to say there! Britney seems to be getting the help and the extensions she needs, I can't imagine bringing a child into a world where Britney has no hair!

I could really go on all day about what a wonderful world we actually do live in. A lot of times we are faced with constant negativity, forgetting how great things really are. Babies don't know what a recession is, or even a war. It really excites me that I have the opportunity to raise a new person and teach them about all these things - and try to do it as positively as possible. Oh, and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I will not be forced to explain to a infant that living in Cleveland can be hard, especially being a fan of Cleveland sports. Oh and that lady that mommy sometimes dances to, she once shaved her head, lost her children and beat an SUV down with an umbrella - but she's okay now.

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