Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Exactly what I am talking about.

16w 5d

Remember the genius radio host that was talking about his pregnant wife and push presents? Well, this morning he was discussing with his co-hosts that he believes his wife (now 37 weeks) should be able to park in the handicapped parking spots. Do you also remember my little list last week? There was one point that went a lil something like this:
  • People will think you are handicapped because you are pregnant.
  • You will witness other pregnant women who actually believe they are handicapped.
Remember now? This guy is out of his freaking mind. Can you imagine the uproar? Some stores do have the Expectant mother/New mom parking spots but I think they should only be used for the latter. If you are lugging around a baby carrier, diaper bag, etc. etc. then by all means park there. I don't get why some pregnant women, even those at 37 weeks feel the need to a.)not have their husband drop them at the door, b.)not want to get a little exercise. I mean you can go any day now. Walking is sometimes recommended to get labor progressing.

I know, I know. I haven't reached 37 weeks yet and blah blah blah. But guess what? I will be damned if I am dragging my huge ass to Target in 95 degree heat. That's just not safe. Did you read that - I won't even go out in it. And if I do, I will just have someone drop me at the door. What does he think women did thousands or even hundreds of years ago? What is so damn important at Target that she HAS to venture out by herself before the hour of 11am? Even if she has to go to the doctor, most of them maybe have a grand total of 20 parking spots to choose from. I highly doubt they are position 5 miles from the office front door.
Come on now. Save the spots for people who truly do have a disability. Wouldn't you feel horrible if you came skipping out of the grocery store to your handicapped spot only to see granny hobbling along from the last spot in the joint because you were lazy?

Don't even get me started on the people who abuse the handicapped signs that aren't even theirs.


momto1 said...

I have to admit- I wanted-no demanded a push present. I told my dh that I wanted a beautiful necklace with our baby's birthstone on it, sometime after the birth. He was happy to get it and I love it!

Close Parking Spots: You may feel differently later in your pregnancy depending on how your baby is positioned. My LO was so low and pressing right on my bone and up against my belly button, I jumped at the Expectant mom spots, or any close spot I could get;would never consider myself handicapped.I worked out my entire pregnancy, but for me, that last month was so hard and uncomfortable. I was not one of the "lucky ones" that walking around a bunch sent me into labor- I delieverd a week late, after miles of walking!! LOL!

Colleen said...

Do I have to bust a cap in someone's leg?