Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just call me grandma.

13w 6d

I have now come to an evidently super-fun part of pregnancy: the part where my body thinks it needs to either stretch itself out, or cramp itself up. For the past couple mornings I have been getting out of bed and either walking hunched over or on my tippy toes. My calf muscles HURT and feel as though they do not want to stretch out so I can stand up straight, they are also sore to the touch. Stretching them out does nothing here people, and neither does water. Another fun thing I have been experiencing since this weekend: round ligament pain, which makes a great Wordy Wednesday.

Round ligament pain (which I thought didn't start until waaay later) can begin in the second trimester and is caused but the ligaments stretching and thickening, which support the growing uterus. This causes sharp, stabbing-like (STABBING is an understatement) pains in the lower abdomen and groin region. My pains usually last for about 30 seconds to a minute and sometimes happen all on their own, but more than likely follow me standing up too fast, sneezing, coughing, laughing or just plain LIVING. These scared me at first, but after doing some research, I quickly realized what was going on. I just was under the impression that this didn't happen until much later in pregnancy. I often forget that everyone is different.

And finally....
Dear Nails,

Please stop growing so fast. I am burning through nail files like it is my job and cannot even imagine if I had fake nails on right now. I would be getting fills every other day. Although I have complained in the past about you not growing very fast or 'looking pretty', I am now taking this statement back. I know that you are being fed enormous amounts of vitamins right now, but honestly. You are out of control. Get a hold of yourself.

Love, Tiff
Dear Tiff,

What? You don't like us scratching your face, arms, legs etc. in the middle of the night? You don't like looking like you got attacked by a pack of wolves? We'll try harder. *snicker*


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