Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Baby - 15 Weeks


Dear Baby-

So you are 15 weeks, does that mean that next week you can get your drivers license? No? OH! That's years, not weeks. Oops (I can actually hear Britney Spears saying this). What are you doing this week? Well, you are still being a gymnast. Do it while you can little one, because pretty soon things are going to get really cramped in there. Your major organ systems are increasing their capacity as well and your scalp patterns are forming. Listen, I hate to tell you this, but you were created by two people with some pretty funky hair. Just this weekend I had to shave your dad's head! My hair never lays the same way two days in a row and your dad's hair grows faster than, well, my nails hopped up on vitamins. I am very sorry about this and I promise I will make it up to you. You are about 4.5 inches in length and weigh a little bit over 2 ounces which is about the size of a naval orange, softball or apple (depending on who you ask).

Upside-down baby!

The belly (yes, I am now referring to it as THE belly) is growing bigger every week. I will be sure to post a new photo soon. Sleeping is becoming less and less comfortable even with a body pillow. I just can't seem to get that sucker in all the places I need it. Actually, I sleep best on the couch but I refuse to move down there already. That would mean that Binx would be the only person sleeping in our bed at the moment (dad is on the couch due to his ankle issues and maybe a little bit because of the KSU-UA thing). I am still getting the fun ligament pains and may have even felt a tap from you the other night.

I can't believe how far we are already! Please don't be shy in 5 weeks when we try to see what you have between your legs, we have been waiting so long and are so excited! See you in 25 weeks (or less, if you like. But not too much less - you know, wait until you are done baking, then try to come out, Oh around 38-39 weeks?!).

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Itty Bitty said...

Wow! 15 weeks!
I still think it is amazing that we have to wait that long to find out the sex of the baby. Only gives us a few weeks to prepare... so it seems. :)