Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tiring Tuesday


Yesterday was a busy day. Monday night we noticed that Paul's ankle was really swollen so on Tuesday morning when the swelling hadn't gone down, I called the doctor. He wanted us to come in of course, and since we only own one car right now, that meant me driving home to get Paul then to the hospital, back home then back to work again. It's amazing how exhausted I was once I finally got back to work. Paul was right last night when he told me my body was really busy right now and when you add a stressful day on top of that, well you know what happens! All is good with Paul though and tonight we have his CT Scan and then he goes back to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up. Cross your fingers that he will be cleared to put some weight on it this weekend!

There is not much going on in the baby department right now, which is always good news. I am anxiously awaiting our next OB appointment which is next Friday. There is finally going to be some girl action amongst my friends and family. Baby Luc's cousin is a girl! She has a name, but I won't post it here unless I get clearance from the appropriate parties. I guess since it is Wednesday already, that I will do a Wordy one for you:

Linea Nigra - I don't have this yet, and I may not ever get it since it varies from woman to woman, but since it usually shows up in the second trimester I thought it would be a good WW.
The linea nigra is Latin for a "black line" that runs vertically down a pregnant woman's stomach. While it looks a little "alien-ish", it is caused by an increase in pregnancy hormones (there they are again) that produce the pigment melanin. It usually goes away post-partum. So if you see a pregnant woman this summer in a bathing suit that looks like she had been drawn on by a very meticulous toddler with a brown marker, don't be scared!

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Colleen said...

I always wondered what that line was. Get well soon, Paul!