Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dear Baby - 17 Weeks


Dear Baby-

Some very amazing things have been happening this past week. I am sure this is just the start. I have been feeling you more and more as you grow stronger. I am beginning to learn about the person you already are each and every day. For example, last night while I was cooking, you were kicking me. It was really the first time I could actually feel you kick me when I wasn't laying or sitting completely still. I went to take a breather on the couch beside your dad and he decided to try and feel you. I had to be really still, pretty much hold my breath, and he had to push in on my stomach, but he felt you. The look on his face was the sweetest thing ever. He was so happy. I know how frustrating this must have been getting for him. I am getting to have all the fun.
I am also realizing that it is pretty easy to tell the difference between gas bubbles and your soccer practice sessions since my stomach and intestines are getting pretty high in my abdomen now. My belly has really popped this week and on Easter I resembled quite the egg. I am amazed at how different my body looks now, but I must say, I have never looked better (well, minus the break-out this past week, my fault though). I also had a dream this past week that you were a girl. This confused me. The entire time through this pregnancy I have been getting very strong boy vibes. Now I have this dream. What am I supposed to think? I am all mess up now. Either way, we will love you so much. But I must warn you: If you are a girl, be prepared to like sports.
You are continuing to get so big! You are now over 5 inches and weigh 5 ounces - the size of an onion, or turnip and the weight of a 3 cup Tupperware container with a staple remover, highlighter and 3 pens in it. No, I don't know how I came up with that. No, I FOR SURE didn't weigh all that stuff on the postal scale just now. You are starting to get that cute baby fat this week and are practicing reactive listening. I sure hope you like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song and would like to apologize for my singing skills. My goal this weekend is to put a mix tape together on my iPod for you, and find some good headphones to drown out the sound of my horrible singing.
Here's me at 16w 5d, but we'll use it for the 17 week photo since nothing has changed in two days. Also, I apologize for the picture quality, must teach Paul about focus and lighting.

Countdowns: 3 weeks until gender discovery and 23 weeks until I meet you!


Laura said...

You are so stinkin cute! I can't believe that belly just came out of nowhere!

Jessica said...

I love it! You are looking absolutely great! Keep the pictures coming! Has anything happened with the nursery yet?

Tiff said...

Yay Jessica!
I will be showing the nursery stuff after we find out what BL is!

Old Meghan said...

Here's my pre-approved question:

There is a lot of talk on what you can, or cannot, do while with child. What is the list of ABSOLUTE do's and dont's of pregnancy?

Mom said...

When I looked at your picture I said "Jesus" You are growing in leaps and bounds! How cute!!! Love all of you!!!

Judi said...

Tiff you look beautiful! I love the baby belly.

Tiff said...

No need to bring JC into this, mom.

Colleen said...

Oh my! Look what happens when I leave. You look so adorable!