Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photo Update

I got an email from the photographer this morning saying her external hard drive is not being recognized by her computer. It had all of last month's sessions on it! Poor thing! So, there will be no photos. Boo. I am bummed, but I can't imagine how she feels losing all that work!

So I will definitely take and post a new belly photo today, sorry guys!

Dear Baby - 35 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I went back and read the first couple entries of this blog yesterday and the first one especially made me tear up a little. I feel like time has flown by since the day after Christmas when I woke up (the day my period was due), stumbled into the bathroom at 7am and peed on a stick (and on my hand I am sure). I remember that I couldn't breathe, much like how I feel now when I don't sit completely upright. I also remember those butterflies and the feeling that I had just discovered some wonderful new drug that made me feel like I was walking on air. Again, I feel the same way now. I also remember how I got THAT feeling in my stomach - you know the one. The feeling of "I need to poop NOW!" because you are so anxious, nervous or overly-excited. Yeah, I get that feeling a lot now too. Could be the impending birth, could be that there is a 5 pound baby resting and pushing on my almost non-existent organs.

The point I am trying to get to here BL is that your dad and I (especially me) are so freaking excited I can barely explain it except to go back in time and compare it to feelings I already know. I cannot believe that in a mere five weeks I am almost guaranteed to be holding you in my arms. You will most likely be wearing your black belt and karate chopping my body, but I will love every second of it. How funny would it be if you were the most calm baby ever once you came outside? I highly, HIGHLY doubt that but a mom can dream, right?

On Sunday, I volunteered to be used as a model for a local photographer that wanted to add maternity photos to her portfolio (she already photographs babies, children and families). I told myself I would never do that because what would I do with them, and who would want to see that?! But it was free, and I was already in contact with her to do some newborn shots of you in our home. Alas, I was supposed to see these images on Monday morning but nothing yet. I have been keeping the Internet in complete suspense since then and thought that maybe, just maybe if I wrote about it she would finally put them up on her blog? We'll see. Again, my apologies to the very patient, very sweet Internet.

Nothing new to report on you today, you're just gaining weight and being a ninja like usual. 5 more weeks of waiting. Hopefully they go fast!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordy Wednesday is back!

34w 6d

It's been a while my little pet. Wordy Wednesday is back. I haven't done one in a while because, well, I ran out of words/phrases. There comes a point in pregnancy where things kind of slow down and the baby is just...growing. We all know what the word 'growing' means, we also know what the word 'boring' means, catch my drift?

If you are new here and are all like, "Huh?" or if it has been so long that you cannot remember what a Wordy Wednesday is, looky here first.

Let's get to it!

Alright, so I am nearing the best part of pregnancy: where I get to dump this kid out (I am feeling really lady-like and motherly today). This is the FUN part! The part that terrifies my husband, the part that I am just leisurely strolling into while whistling Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. At some point, I know I am going to trip over a crack in the sidewalk and BAM! need to push out a baby. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

At my next appointment, my doctor will start weekly internal exams. (DISCLAIMER: This may get messy, so cover your eyes now if you are a little squeamish or you don't enjoy bagels) Don't make me explain what 'internal' means. One thing she will be checking for: Dilation.

Dilation: You know when you buy bagels, and you know that Mr. Thomas f'd up because there is barely a hole in the middle of the bagel? I mean, sure you would be excited because HEY! You got more bagel for your buck! You might be tempted to, ahem, stick your finger in the middle of the bagel to make the hole bigger. Just for fun. Just because you are human. In late pregnancy, you want your bagel's hole to be as big as possible, and no amount of poking, unless by a medical professional (even then, good luck) is going to make your bagel hole bigger. Bagel=cervix here for those playing at home. Cervix= what the baby needs to "head" through to make it out and achieve outside-baby greatness for those who are female-part-challenged. Cervix does not = vagina.

Dilation is measured in centimeters. 1 centimeter=HA! Fool! Or, wahoo! more bagel! 10 centimeters=get ready, you are about to push something the size of a watermelon through something the size of a lemon. Good times. Or, what a rip off Mr. Thomas!

For your visual pleasure, I have added a dilation chart (or bagel hole chart):

So, basically the doctor is checking for dilation of my cervix to see if I am progressing towards labor at all. In the grand scheme of things, this really means nothing at all since some women go from closed-up bagel hole to barely-any-bagel-left in mere hours.

Next week: Effacement. Oooohh Ahhhh. Class dismissed.

I apologize for STILL not having the surprise I mentioned yesterday up. Trust me, I am just as excited as you are. I am sure now that I mentioned it again, it will be ready. Right?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


34w 5d

I must apologize for keeping you in suspense dear readers, but this one is out of my control! I will give you a hint though: I did something I said I would never do and I, like you, are anxiously awaiting the results (no, I didn't park in the pregnant ladies only spot at Giant Eagle).

While you wait, head on over to SITS and check out the featured blogger today!

Monday, July 28, 2008

How to put an inside baby to sleep.

34w 4d

Welcome SITS peeps, so glad you decided to stop by! Feel free to have a looky-see and leave some love!! (Can I say how excited I was to see my little blog up there in lights? Okay, on the sidebar?!)

We went to see the Dark Knight on Friday evening after realizing we were probably two of the last people on the face of the earth that hadn't done so. My assumptions were somewhat right since the theater was a lot more empty than I thought it would be for a 7pm Friday showing just a week after the release. I will say that the movie was wonderful and the acting was breathtaking, especially by one Heath Ledger, so if you are now one of the last people left that has not contributed to the economy by letting your local theater steal your most recent paycheck, please do so. This does have to do with Baby Luc, I'm getting to that.

This was probably the first movie that BL has been to since he could hear well. Also, the fact that the sixteen year old running the film upstairs was obviously smoking crack and felt the need to BLAST the volume (am I old or what?) probably helped a little too. I am not kidding you when I say that BL was doing a combination of ninja moves, disco dancing and forward rolls for the entire 2.5 hours that we were in the movie. He is sure to come out a Batman fan.
Also, it was stifling in there. What ever happened to freezing out movie patrons to keep them from wanting to snuggle up with some milk and a blankie? This probably added to the fact that since mom was so hot, BL was sure do be doing some fire dancing on the inside. So much that he caused my thumb to start twitching uncontrollably. Very strange.

After we left the movie, BL just stopped moving. Zonked out, completely exhausted. All day Saturday, all I got were tiny movements here and there, I am sure just minor comfort adjustments. Nothing like the usual ninja baby moves. Then Sunday morning, same thing, fluffing of the placenta pillow and back to sleep he went. He did not wake up for disco practice until we went swimming and he was forced to float in there. By around 5pm last night he was back to his old shenanigans, trying to bust out the side of my stomach and doing it for all to see. We are going to purchase our new camcorder tonight, so I am hoping to be able to catch some footage of ninja baby in the next week to post here.

Stay tuned for some exciting news/schtuff to look at possibly sometime today! Oh, I am such a tease!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Luc Express

34w 1d

I came home yesterday to find a little box in the mail, addressed to all of us. I opened it as soon as I saw it and just after Paul had went upstairs to take a shower. Inside was the cutest train piggy bank, personalized for Baby Luc and painted in the colors that have been forced on him from day one - blue and brown of course. I immediately ran upstairs to show Paul. The train was greeted with it's second smile since being 'unboxed'.

Thank you so much Lauren! We absolutely love it and you should know that it made our day. Especially Paul. It takes a little while usually for both of us to decompress from the work day and get ourselves back into a happy mood. Paul had a rather trying day and I know now that your gift probably saved us from a night of grumpiness!

The train now has settled into its place on Mason's changing table where everyone can enjoy it!

I am off to my doctor appointment now, I hope everyone has a fast Friday workday and a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Baby - Week 34


Dear Baby,

ZzzzzzZzzzZZzz....WHAT? ::wipes drool:: Oh, hi baby. You see, you are making it very hard for mommy to sleep lately with all of your sudden weight gain and disco parties. Yeah, I am aware that I already did a whiny post yesterday about all of my 'ailments', but last night was super-fun considering my hips feel like they might fall off. Then you would have a no-hip mom and that would make for awkward conversation. I find myself becoming less and less fun these days and more and more cynical and "mumbly". Zzzzz ::snore::

Hey! Good morning baby, how are you today? This week, according to the emails that flood my inbox on a daily basis, you weigh close to 5 pounds and are somewhere around 18 inches long. I can believe it since the kicks, punches and rolls are really hurting now - I know I have said they hurt in the past, but NO REALLY they kill now. Especially the kicks and what feels like lobster claw pinches around what is surely my cervix. This gives me what feels like period cramps, sometimes throws me into a Braxton-Hicks contraction, and always makes my back hurt. The emails tell me that your fluid is at a max and there is most likely more baby then fluid now, which is why all of the movement is more noticeable, especially on the outside. I mean, anything that can take your dad's eyes away from The Office re-runs for a couple minutes MUST be pretty spectacular. We are really getting a kick (pun intended) out of watching you "throw bows" and knees and feet, butt and head all over my abdomen. Speaking of that fruit smuggling stomach, check this shit out:
Here I am at week 29:

And here I am this week (week 34):

BOMBS AWAY! TORPEDO BELLEH!!! Lock up your kids and call the National Guard!
Oh yeah, and did you notice? Can you see the fun scribbles I have now? Yes, those red marks on my hips, yes those are STRETCH MARKS. Dun dun dunnnnn. Good thing is I don't have them anywhere on the front of the belly. Yet. The only thing showing up there are veins as blue as the sky. I am pretty proud that I made it 33-ish (I noticed these last week) weeks without any stretch marks. AND I am pretty damn proud that I can still wear my wedding rings.

And just for fun, because all of the emails are tell me you are like a cantaloupe this week, this is what mom my looks like with her shirt down (I can hear that! Stop it with the sighs of relief Internet!):

6 more weeks until I stop comparing you to fruit. 3 more weeks until you can "legally" come out. I would prefer the latter.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your weekly update.

33w 6d

I am starting to think that maybe I should have had a little better foresight when I scheduled my prenatal massage appointments. I have my last session tonight (boo) and of course this week has been hell on my back. Sitting at work is no longer fun, my tailbone feels like it might poke through my skin, and my lower back is just an annoyance at this point. Boy must be getting big.

On the flip side, if I would have scheduled later appointments then laying on the table might have been such a hassle that the massages probably would have been less-than-enjoyable. Not that the massages have been completely relaxing with a ninja-baby inside of me. What's that mom? You're going to lay on your side and relax now? PERFECT timing to practice my round-house kicks.

The feet are back to normal, which only means one thing since the weather has been pretty consistent: Ninja baby was laying on something, pinching something off and loving it. I am no longer forced to make every outfit match with the Croc sandals, as comfortable as they are, they are HUGE on my normally-petite feet.

What else, what else. OH, while glancing into my bra cup this morning I noticed a small round circle of what at one time was probably some leakage. I am not sure when this occurred (sometime since the weekend) so now I am all paranoid that I will begin squirting at inappropriate times. Lovely. And I dreamed about Agent Orange last night and woke up in another almost-crying fit. That's all I am giving you this time. It is getting too ridiculous to write about.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smooth Criminal?

33w 5d

Last week my mom and I met up at Babies R Us (BRU) so I could take back/exchange some items I received at my showers. What a fun time that was. I had everything contained to one large gift bag that my mom and I wheeled into the store and straight to the returns counter. The cashier watched us walk in with the bag. Keep that in mind.

I had receipts for almost everything, and everything was off of my registry anyways. All of the returns were going smoothly, and the cashier was just putting the amount on a gift card for me until we got to the last 2 items. My mother-in-law had bought me a small blue swaddle blanket (I had already received two) and some blue sheets (the blues in the nursery weren't matching up). She had given me the receipt which listed these two items as well as maybe 10 other items she had given me. Again, everything was from my registry.

Cashier: There is a problem. The computer is showing that all of these items have been returned.
Me: Impossible, since I just now returning them and everything else on the receipt is in my nursery at home.
Cashier: It is showing the items were bought at one location, then returned at another.
Me: Nope.
Cashier: Let me call the manager.
Manager: Did you return all of these items? Did your mother-in-law?
Me: Um, no. All of these items, except for the swaddle blanket and sheets are at home. They were a gift.
Manager: We have a new return policy that goes into effect August 8th. To make a return or exchange, you MUST have either a gift receipt, or the items must be from your registry.
Me: :blink, blink: Well, I DO have a receipt and these items ARE from my registry.
Manager: Can I have your driver's license? I need to go make a call.

What?! Was she calling the cops? What the hell? I am sure she was checking returns against my driver's license, but still. She took it back in to a back office like I was some sort of criminal. Yep, lady make sure you check for warrants. I am sure there are plenty out against me for trying to finagle BRU out of $20 of merchandise that was purchased off of my registry!

While the manager was off calling about my rap sheet, the cashier actually looks up and says, "Well, sometimes people will try to bring a receipt in twice and then go into the store and find an item on the shelf and return it for store credit." Really, lady? Did you not just watch us walk in here and come STRAIGHT to your counter?

The manager returns with my HOT license and exclaims, "Well, since the new policy isn't in effect yet, we will give you store credit this ONE time." Gee, thanks. She then went over the new policy again with me because since I am pregnant, I probably had already forgotten it since she read it to me 10 minutes earlier, OH and we can't read.

I found out the next day from my sister-in-law that my mother-in-law had indeed purchased everything at one location, then returned it all for a price adjustment somewhere else since she found a coupon. She had just given me the wrong receipt. I actually considered writing a letter to BRU's corporate office to tell them about the lovely employees at the location I was at, but I am too tired. Maybe they will read this. HA!

I guess it's not as bad as Target's return policy and practices, but I have now become a receipt whore. I hoard them all in a folder at home and will probably shake like a leaf after 5 years when I go to shred them because OMG I might need to return that toilet paper that I used 2 years ago and what if I don't have the receipt, holy shit they will throw me in jail!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a dream.

33w 4d

First of all, the next Summer Bunch baby is coming today! Amy and Dave are expecting Miss Nola this afternoon! Congrats and good luck!

I had some pretty odd dreams last night, one of which I know was the result of watching Snapped on Bravo for a little bit before going to bed. No, I am not planning to murder my husband but after the second dream I had, I briefly considered it - until I realized it was just a dream of course.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up and have this sinking feeling in your gut that it really did happen, and then it takes you a good 5-10 minutes to realize that it did not. I turned and looked at Paul, whose elbow was of course pointing straight at the ceiling threatening my face, and realized that it was indeed a dream. I can't remember the entire context of the dream, but it went something like this:

I was home, barefoot and 8.5 months pregnant of course, and Paul brings home this gorgeous blond girl and informs me that he is no longer attracted to me at this point in time and wanted to hang out with her. They were going to watch a movie and I was more than welcome to watch it with them. So I did. He sat with his arm around her at one side of the couch, while I sat on the other side, scarfing down a bowl of ice cream (see, it really was a dream). Once the movie was over, I headed up to bed where I heard her say she was leaving. I peaked around the corner, just in time to see Paul kiss her. I was horribly upset. Somewhere in the dream, I ended up slapping him (go me).

I woke up completely drenched in sweat (while Paul was shivering of course) and breathing so hard that my lungs now feel like I ran a marathon. I was half-crying and had a horrible feeling in my stomach - similar to the feeling I had the morning I woke up and found out my boyfriend in college was cheating on me (I have ESP). All it took was me rolling over and looking at my husband and his menacing elbow to calm down. When I told Paul about the dream this morning he said, "What an asshole". When I told him that I slapped him in the dream, he said, "Good!".

It was all dream and sometimes I think my life is all a dream, but a good one, because of that man.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Baby - 33 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I think I am approaching the point where I start to get uncomfortable. I am not completely there yet, but I have noticed some things happening with me lately that are setting off the alarms in my head and body that say, "Hey stupid, there is a little boy growing inside of you and he is getting really big now and I think I am going to dump him out soon because I need a vacation!". For example, I now waddle. It's not cute at all. Also, my feet are the size of the Michelin Man's by the time I step out of the shower every morning. No amount of propping can help them. This caused me to waddle into the mall last night and purchase these babies:

Yes, they are Crocs, which by-the-way I always swore up and down that I would NEVER buy (although you might get some BL, because baby Crocs are ADORABLE). That still holds true since I will never buy the platypus-looking ones, I don't care how comfy they are. I must say, these are a life-saver. VERY flexible, and cushion-y leaving plenty of room for the large amounts of swelling my feet do. I feel like I have moon shoes on. I also plan on living in these while in the hospital because EWW who wants to shower without shower shoes there? A HUGE thank you to Amy, who introduced me to these fine pieces of footwear.

Here is a run-down of BL's progress this week (supposedly): 4.5 pounds, 17-ish inches of butt-kicking little boy. You dream now that you go through patterns of REM sleep, and are continuing to gain fat of course. You are pretty much just hanging out in there and baking. It is hard to believe that I only have 4 more weeks of work left, 4 more weeks until I am considered full-term, and 5 more weeks until you are considered full term (this whole thing confuses me, but whatever). Last night, your grandma and I made a fun trip to Babies R Us (where they made me feel like a criminal, more on that later) and I am pretty sure you are all set now. There are a couple things that need completed in the nursery, but other than that, your dad and I are ready for you.

You, however are NOT ready for us - stay an inside baby for a little bit longer, mmkay? 7 weeks until you're due!

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living."
-Gail Sheehy

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shower 2 Recap

32w 6d

I am a liar. I know.

Last Saturday was my second (and final) shower at my in-laws house. We did two separate showers because Paul comes from a very large family and there is just no way that one shower would work. The day started out beautiful weather-wise and of course turned gloomy fast with downpours right around gift opening time. This forced us to have to move inside and cram 80 people into a small living room instead of spreading everyone out pool-side. I managed to not sweat too much, although there were a couple 'funny' people that made some gifts especially hard for me to open thus causing me to pit-out.

As for the gifts, again, I can only think of one word: generous. I am simply astounded at the generosity people show. BL pretty much has everything he needs and more. I think I did a pretty good job, considering the size of the shower, getting around and at least talking to everyone for a little bit. I know that at our wedding, there were just too many people and too little time to really individually thank people for coming, so I made it a point to do so on Saturday. The food was wonderful, the company was great and I really am so thankful for all of the hard work that was put into the shower.

There was a special 5 pound guest at the shower, fresh from busting out of the hospital and I FINALLY got to hold her. Kendall came out to see her inside-cousin and give him a little pep talk. You know, a chatty-chat about showers and how to handle all the love and belly rubs, and then a little bit at the end about how to come out in 3 pushes and sleep like a little angel pretty much all the time. Yeah, that's what she told him I am sure. Of course when she came through the door, I kind of got shoved out of the way as the masses made their way to see her and everyone was like "what shower?", but I understand - an outside baby is WAY more fun to look at than someone who is obviously smuggling a bowling ball inside their dress:

Thanks for taking pictures Colleen, I hope you know how much I appreciate it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's in a name?

32w 5d

I didn't have time to get everything ready for the shower recap last night, so today will be a double post day, with the recap this evening.

Nancy brought up a wonderful suggestion in the comments yesterday. I left a lot out about the baby's name! Here are some more interesting (or not-so-interesting, depends on who you ask) tidbits about BL's name:

How we chose it: I had started a list of names that I liked probably around 12 weeks into this. I kept it tucked into a baby names book and would add/cross off names as I felt necessary. Paul refused to think about baby names until we knew what the baby's gender was, because being an engineer, why on earth would you waste precious time thinking about girl names if you are having a boy when you could be designing something in a CAD program?
Because it's fun damnit, that's why. Finally, around 20 weeks when we knew BL was of the boy variety, we began seriously talking about names. We never tried to strangle one another, or come up with bribes. We actually almost always agreed.

One day, I was flipping through a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue when I came across the no-longer-existing-online Mason bedding collection. I yelled out to Paul, "What about Mason?" and he agreed that it was a good name. And so it was added to the list. A couple days/weeks/can't remember later, we went to Crapplebee's for dinner and started discussing the names again. Once we had both realized that Mason was on the top of both of our lists we agreed that Mason it was.

His middle name was a toss up between two names for a while, but we ultimately decided on Theodore to pay tribute to Paul's grandfather who passed away semi-recently. This only seemed fair since if we ever have a girl she would automatically have the same middle name as me.

So there it is - the truth behind the name. Pottery Barn Kids.

What an online baby name advisor has to say about all this:

Mason (French: Stone worker; from French word ma├žon.) Theodore (Greek: Gift of God)

Powerful, a conqueror, devours the weak and rules the strong. The name Mason Theodore reflects money and power. It is a carnivore, a winner at all cost. -this makes dad happy.

Mason Theodore has the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, it strives to be the best and most successful in its field. Extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges or challengers. A visionary, a realist, and a planner. Discipline and perseverance. Dynamic and efficient.

Rewards the faithful and hardworking employee, but has no tolerance for the incompetent. -just like dad!

Mason Theodore understands the balance between giving and taking, generosity and greed. When it loses that balance, it self-destructs.

Mason Theodore's most positive characteristics: Strength, perseverance, potential for greatness.

Mason Theodore's most negative characteristics: Financial ups and downs. Lacks compassion. Can be self-destructive. -this scares mom.

It is going to be quite interesting watching this little guy and seeing if he lives up to almost-startling predictions of an online baby name advisor.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Why he sticks to roulette.

32w 4d

Today's post was going to be the shower number 2 recap, but I have something much better to write about, so it will wait until tomorrow. This does have to do with a shower a teensy bit though. There was a slight incident at the shower on Saturday.

There I was, sitting on my in-law's back deck, chatting it up with some lovely people at my shower when all of the sudden my sister-in-law Chrissy opens the back door and informs me that someone had just guessed BL's name and Paul's poker face was less than stellar. I excused myself to go inside and "kill my husband", or beat him, or something violent, I can't quite remember which. I no longer wanted to hurt him once I came through the door and saw the poor guy sweating bullets.

Evidently, a family member was just running through names trying to guess when she said it and Paul was completely caught off guard. Up until this point no one has been able to correctly guess BL's name so this was not an issue. I know she felt horrible, but honestly and secretly I was kind of relieved. Do you know how hard it is to keep yourself from blurting out a name in public that you regularly use in the comfort of your home? Paul and I decided that it was best to just announce it after I opened my gifts. I always kind of had it in my head that if that ever happened, we would just tell people. I feel better now, with bouts of disappointment that I have yet again ruined a surprise, but this time not for myself (Paul is the only person to ever successfully surprise me, ONCE). Overall though, I am happy it is out there, happy that people know and can now say it, happy that I can hang his name in his room without having to take it down when visitors come over, and happy that we even made it this far without slipping.

So without further ado, The Baby Luc's name is Mason Theodore.

Somehow, I still think he will be BL to many people for a long time and that's just fine with me. I have been reminded that there are still lots of surprises left with Mason's impending arrival, and isn't that the truth!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Code RED Alert

32w 1d

The US has issued a Code RED alert in the Luc household. I repeat, a code RED alert. The belly button is now in full-outie position. It can be seen through shirts, and if it was winter, probably through sweaters as well. Husband is now completely appalled and will not even come close to touching the belly button. Extreme torture can be achieved by pulling up shirt and showing husband the belly button, then proceeding to chase him around the house. Cat looks frightened as well, but will still cuddle up to the belly button. People who feel the belly will always question which limb/finger/toe of the baby's is poking out through your shirt, OR proceed to tell you "I feel something, right THERE!" and rub the belly button. It is the owner of the belly button's job to inform belly-toucher that they are in fact, feeling the belly button.

Pictures of belly button seem to not do it justice, but for your safety, please refer to the image below so that you can recognize a CODE RED when you see one.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby Kendall is here!

I got to meet BL's cousin Kendall and she is such a perfect lil peanut! She was born at 9:53 this morning and weighed in at 5lbs 3 ounces and measured 18 inches long. We watched her get her first bath and she loved it! Kidding, she hated it! LOL. Happy Birthday Kendall! We love you! Congrats Denise and Scott!

Amy & Nancy, this means you're on deck!!

Dear Baby - 32 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I have SO much to tell you today. First of all, let me tell you about your Aunt Denise and Cousin Kendall. Aunt D's body wasn't liking Kendall hanging out in there anymore so the doctors decided to induce her yesterday afternoon. Aunt D has been laboring all night and is still at 2 centimeters this morning. BL, I am so proud of your Aunt D. What a tough cookie she is being. I know she can do this, she is a lot stronger than she thinks. I cannot wait to meet little Kendall, let's hope she gets her act together and comes out to play today.

Aunt Chrissy came through with some pictures of your first shower from last weekend, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you:
Your dad did such a great job playing Vana White

Aunt D, Aunt Chrissy and Me

Ugly Dolls!!

Thanks for the pictures Aunt Chrissy!

Let's talk about what you are doing this week. You are now measuring at 4 pounds and nearly 17 inches long! You should have fingernails (FINGERNAILS!) and toenails now and some hair on your head. I know you are getting big, because I am beginning to notice that it is harder for me to breathe in certain positions. You have also taken a liking to my left hip bone and like to play with it on occasion. Silly boy. You move all.the.time. STILL. Aren't you running out of room yet?

I had some issues this weekend, and through Tuesday. Let's just say these issues were brown and painful. The doctor seems to think I had a virus of some sort but I am beginning to wonder if it could have anything to do with you maybe playing with some of my organs? I wouldn't put it past you! Most likely it was a virus and I am feeling much better now, although sometimes your disco parties make me want to vom. You make me feel almost sea sick sometimes, but I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can.

This Saturday is your second and last shower and once that is over, you know what that means. It means that your stuff will officially take over our house, and you will be here soon! In 8 weeks or less in fact!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shower 1 Recap

31w 6d

Last Saturday was my first shower, and I have been waiting to write about it in hopes that someone, anyone would have some photos to send to me, but evidently not. So here is a run-down, from my memory:

My mom and sister worked their asses off for this shower and it showed. Everything was beautiful and totally "me". The theme was blue and brown of course and we held the shower in my parent's gorgeous backyard. The weather, like I said before was absolutely perfect. Not hot at all, overcast, PERFECT. I think there were about 30 people there and it was wonderful. I feel like I really got to take the time and talk to everyone that was there. I miss seeing my family A LOT and don't really get the chance to spend that much time with them, so it was nice to see everyone. My Meme (grandma) made it despite recently having surgery and I was so happy to have her there. I had people come from near and far to be there and I felt so lucky to have so many people care about me and this baby.

The food. Oh the food. My mom did a "Tiff's Cravings" theme so there were 2 types of mac n' cheese, mini BBQ hamburgers, a relish tray, veggie tray, fruit, and a make-your-own strawberry shortcake bar. AND my sister bought M&M's and picked out all of the blue and brown ones. Now THAT is dedication and love!

Onto the LOOT. Again, everyone was so generous and Baby Luc will never go naked. This kid has so many clothes, more than me I think - and that's an accomplishment. We also got a lot of the essentials that we needed including our stroller (from Aunt Chrissy and Aunt Denise) that I HAD to put together and play with right away on Sunday morning. I did manage to get a picture of everything before I put it all away, and I want you to notice 2 things sitting on the chair. AWESOME.

Thank you again to everyone for coming and for all of the love and support you have given us!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New do.

31w 4d

See, I come through sometimes. Keep in mind this is post epic grilled pizza failure and in the midst of a hot flash. All at the end of the day of course, which explains the flat-ness. I promise it is cuter than this normally, but you people are persistent.

Promises and Painkillers

31w 4d

Oh the demands of my readers. You are all so quiet until you want something. Sounds a lot like someone I know. Hmm. I have so much to tell you dear Internet, but some of it will have to wait until this evening. I promise there will be hair photos tonight. I also promise a first baby shower run-down complete with pictures (I hope, if you have some please send them to me!) in the next 2 days. As a teaser, I will say that it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and everyone was so generous. This baby will never be naked or without a certain CUTE doll or two.

On to another reader demand. A past co-worker, current friend and current fellow host to a baby, Nancy, has requested that I share my thoughts about drugs during labor. I love reader questions, so I will happily answer. I do want the epidural during labor. I am not trying to be a superhero here, but I applaud the strong women who DO give birth without any drugs (and usually with strict birth plans). I have of course done the research, know the possible issues - issues could happen either way though - and I am fully aware that a catheter and large needle will be inserted into my back.

How can someone who is so anti-elective C-section be so pro-medicated birth you ask? Good question. There are lots of reasons behind this, and though I might sound like a hypocrite, it all has to do with what is best for the baby and I. If I need a c-section, I'll take it of course. If I am too late for drugs, I will bite down on a big stick and go for it...but I would rather not. I want the "natural" birth experience but I want to enjoy it. Somehow, I don't think I would enjoy it so much without the intervention of some drugs. I guess there is no easy way to explain my feelings other than GIVE ME THE DRUGS! I hope that is clear and not just a big paragraph of random words and ramblings.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

31w 1d

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

Love, Tiff and Baby Luc

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Baby - 31 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I have a feeling time is going to start to really fly by now. Our first shower is this weekend and that of course means that B-Day is getting closer and closer since people will be giving us gifts to make your arrival much easier. You are actually going to have to leave your happy home soon and make your way into the milder-than-usual Ohio summer. I know I have said this before, but you really picked a great year to be born. A lot of people will try to tell you otherwise Baby Luc, but don't listen to them. Pay no attention to the gas prices, milk prices, war or the HUGE let downs that are Cleveland sports. Instead, focus on the impending presidential election (hey, since I have been born only 3 families have controlled the White House, boring!), new square milk jugs, Olympics, people being forced to be more efficient and green and the possibility that the Browns could be better than last year (which actually wasn't that bad of a season anyways).

I always try to look on the positive side of things, since we tend to surround ourselves with negativity on a daily basis (the root of many problems) and you have helped me with that so much this year. You are so innocent (or so I think, ninja baby) and nonjudgmental and even though I know that won't last forever, I hope you can hang on to at least a little bit of that. You are also getting BIG. As usual. You should be nearing 4 pounds and 17 inches and will be putting on close to half a pound a week until week 38. That would put you right at 7.5 pounds (the average). Of course the OB is keeping a close eye on this since I have GD. Neither the doctor OR I would like you to get too much bigger. As your dad always tells me, I am a tiny little person (or I was).

Your new loves are Coldplay (you dance to the new album when I play it for you) and A Baby Story on TLC. For some reason, every time I watch that show, you go nuts. Do you know what's going on? Do you get excited because you will get to do that soon? Or is it the babies crying? I guess I will never know! Your movements are slowing down a little, which could either be from the lack of sugar in the foods I now eat, or the fact that you are probably running out of room in there. I am already missing your every half hour disco parties.

Self-portrait this week - how did I do? Gotta love camera timers! Notice anything different about this photo? I'll give you a hint - look around my neck/shoulder area.

9 more weeks little monkey boy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It has begun.

30w 6d

The first of the "Summer Bunch of Babies" is here! Tim Jr. was born on Sunday morning around 1 am, weighs 7 lbs 2 ounces and is around 19 inches long. I am told he is perfect and has mom's lips and nose. Everyone is doing great and looking as beautiful as ever! I cannot wait to go see them! Congrats Tim and Alieshia! Love you!

Thanks for the info Nancy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


30w 5d

Hello July! So nice to see you. Your appearance can only mean one thing, right? That my precious, lovely, not-too-big but not-too-small, stork-dropped, sleeping all night from the beginning, never-pooping, never-crying, completely self-sufficient from the beginning BABY is coming in less than 2 months, RIGHT? Right. What are those laughs, Internet? Why are you laughing at me? I didn't say anything funny. This is what happens after 10 full months of carrying a baby, right? They fall out of you without you even knowing and then your body immediately goes back to its pre-pregnancy size, or even smaller, correct?

That means I can stop trolling the web for the not-so-fun products and ideas I will need for after his delivery, right? So I won't need to buy stock in Shrek-sized double thick, extra absorbent woman diapers? Super.

No need for the dairy cow milker? Or the completely covered to HEY BOOBIES! in less than .5 seconds bra?

What about this little find? What about this gem that I found on Lil Sugar today? It's a frozen condom pop. Can you imagine your husband's surprise to find these guys lining the innards of your freezer? And no, that's not what you do with it, although the thought briefly crossed my sick mind as well. Just lay this puppy in your undies and ahhhhhh soothing relief. Although I am not sure how sitting would go, but I am sure I would have wanted to try anything, right July? That is, IF I would have needed these products/ideas.

What's that July? "Bwahaha continue shopping oh naive pregnant one?" Is that what you said? Watch your back July. That goes for you too, August. I may just be armed with frozen condoms and I bet they hurt.