Monday, May 19, 2008

Seen and Heard

24w 4d

  • Me getting a little too excited when talking about a local restaurant's angel food cake martinis.
  • A "more mature" woman making faces (not the good kind) at a baby shower because the guest of honor "isn't big at all" and rolling eyes/giving a look of concern/scrunching nose. When are people going to realize that pregnant women do not fit into a size category and are all individuals, thus carrying each baby differently?
  • A certain brother-in-law (whom I do not believe reads this blog) asking me AGAIN what the baby's name is, har har har.
  • Me telling said brother-in-law "Homer" and then changing my mind and telling him "Steve" (after brother-in-law). This game is fun. :o)
  • Me lasting all of 5 minutes after getting home Friday night before diving into a large box that was delivered. BEDDING! Let the nesting begin!!
  • Paul canceling plans that we had this coming Saturday to give me a day to relax. Who has two thumbs and the best husband ever? This girl.
  • Binx closing his eyes and turning his head away from Paul during a spat, showing us that he too knows how to ignore-when-annoyed.
  • Me grumbling all morning because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow.
  • A certain small someone having 4am disco parties without his mom's permission.
  • Two pregnant women discussing the size and color of their nipples on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We so crazy!
  • Me getting confused after reading one of my weekly pregnancy emails. I am in my seventh month (at 25 weeks) now? I thought 27 weeks was the seventh month. Confuzzled.
  • Me panicking after reading said email. Holy shit.

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Colleen said...

But the angel food cake martinis are excellent. You can get as pumped as you want!