Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dear Baby - 23 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I think I say this every week, but I can't believe how strong you are getting. Just yesterday I could have sworn that you were again trying to escape alien-style through my skin. You kept migrating to the right side of my stomach and making my belly all lopsided then pushing as hard as you could. It was quite comical. Last night after some wonderful ice cream, you decided to have your very own disco while your dad and I were laying on the couch. I have to admit that I am a little apprehensive when it comes to poking around at you, but yesterday my bravery kicked in and I pushed back at you. I think you liked this. You pushed right back at me. When you weren't pushing, I was and I felt something. Could have been an arm, might have been a leg. Either way it was FREAKY. You are in there! I did the same thing last night and there you were again. I promise I won't become on of those crazy pokers now or when you are "out here". I also won't be one of those moms that uses her own spit to wipe the chocolate off of your mouth. We had a little chat last night about how it wasn't time for your escape yet and to hang on for at least 15 more weeks. I know you heard me.

Your measurements this week are coming in at just over a pound and around a foot long. Comparable to a baby doll. I haven't felt any hiccups from your drinking of amniotic fluid yet, but THEY tell me I will soon. I have also read that since you have been chillin' in a bath for the past 23 weeks, you resemble a wrinkled little raisin. Your skin is hanging off of you waiting to be filled with fat - kind of like Nicole Richie circa 2006. I know that you have no clue what that means, just go with it.

Another adventure for us this weekend when you will be attending your first wedding. I promise not to dance too much and to eat as much as they will let me. Bottled waters all around! Oh and don't worry, Jason the stoner got kicked off of Idol last night, I know your little ears will be happy. Now if we could only get rid of that Archuletta kid.

Get comfy, you still have 17 weeks of baking to do! New belly pic tonight or tomorrow.

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momto1 said...

Awww...brings back memories. I love to dance (in the privacy of my living room usually...) and thought it was so weird dancing and being pregnant. When I was carrying Stink, Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" was popular and I love to dance to it-- if you knew me, you'd crinkle your nose and tilt your head and say "really?". But, yes, I do...and there is just something so odd about the sensation! We went to a wedding when I was 24 weeks, and I wanted to dance so badly, and did, but boy did my belly get sore! I was also unreasonably worried that the music was too loud and I'd wiggled too much! Have fun, and take lots of pics of yourself dressed up! I am bummed b/c I only have one of me from the waist up--no bump!