Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dear Baby - 22 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I like the picture above. Only mine would say something like, "I am due September 4th, It's a Boy, try to keep yourself from examining the belly button, give me Teddy Grahams.". Baby, whose name shall remain a mystery, you are so predictable. I already have you all figured out! See, this isn't so hard. Where's my medal? You like BBQ hamburgers, pasta, Teddy Grahams, salt water taffy and American Idol. You also have taken a liken to ACTUAL music lately, especially your blue elephant and anything with good bass. Luckily for you, there is a speaker under my desk at work, so you can jam out all day long. You also hate it when the elastic band on my maternity jeans rolls down, most likely cramping you space. You always give me a "Thanks Mom!" kick after I pull it up. You also hate when I don't empty my bladder soon enough or when I first turn on my hair dryer in the morning. Sorry about that.

I love that you can hear me and your dad now. Although, throw daddy-o a bone sometime and give him some harder kicks when he talks to you. I know that his deep voice (swoon) can be completely relaxing, but his a very impatient person and you need to kick immediately when he talks to you. I am talking 30 seconds tops before he gives up and returns to his computer. You have given him some pretty good kicks, but it has been a while. This shouldn't be hard for you since you are around a foot long now and weigh a little over a pound. I am not quite sure where you are hiding though, because I feel like I am not getting any bigger.

Pretty sure you are still sitting upright inside of me since the majority of your kicks are down really low or right to my bladder. The top of my uterus is supposedly now 2 cm above my belly button, but I have not felt you kick high at all. Move while you can little man!

18 weeks until the NFL Season begins and hopefully until you are here. Your dad is really looking forward to watching the games with you.

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Laura said...

Poor Paully. Maybe if he danced around and sang,Baby Luc would kick on command.