Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Didya know? Boobs.

24w 5d

This is the point in my pregnancy where I grow imaginary balls. I don't know if it is because BL's testicles have been making their descent from his abdomen recently, or if it's from all of the crazy hormones running through my body, but I feel more brave than ever. Not jump-off-a-bridge brave, don't get anxious, but definitely more brave. A few of my upcoming posts will demonstrate this fact for you. There are a couple things I want you to keep in mind while reading my blog though: This is a blog. This is also MY blog, where I can write pretty much whatever I want. Therefore, the opinions expressed are solely my own. But hear this, good people of the Internets - I do not speak wildly without doing my research first. That's pretty much how I roll (as Colleen would say). I am presented with a topic, I research and form and opinion, and lately I tell people about it.

For my first demonstration, I will be playing with my Pam Anderson boobs. Not really, but let's chat about them, shall we? My new balls are allowing me to give you some insight into my head and what decisions, mostly the controversial ones, I have made regarding my pregnancy and the upbringing of my son. This is going to be so fun! I hear your popcorn popping! Lots of butter, now.

Didya know that breasts make milk? I know, crazy right?! Turns out they have been since like, forever. Odd enough, they do this for a reason and guess what? This is going to blow your mind - it is actually beneficial to encourage your young offspring to drink that milk. I guess at one point, according to my mom, I described breast-feeding as gross and stated that I would NEVER partake. I guess this was before I started researching-before-speaking.

There are so so so SO many benefits to breast-feeding and as far as I can see, no negatives. It can protect your baby from gastrointestinal problems, ear infections, respiratory problems, allergies, childhood leukemia, type I diabetes, SIDS, and has been shown to boost intelligence, and help protect from obesity later in life (by developing healthier eating patterns). It doesn't stop there. It helps the mom too by burning calories and assisting in losing the baby weight at a faster rate and also has shown to reduce some cancers and osteoporosis.

All those positives and yet you still hear people who don't even want to try because it's "icky" or "too hard". They don't even try. This blows my mind. I understand a lot of women just can't breastfeed because of various reasons, but there is help out there. Obviously I am going to give it a try. This is something that I really want to do for my child. If pregnancy has taught me anything it is that I do know how to be an unselfish person. This is for my child. This is not entirely about me and there are so many other decisions I have made for this exact reason. I find it hard to take someone seriously when they make selfish decisions while pregnant. You'll see this in black and white in my upcoming posts.

How was your popcorn? Keep a stash handy!


Amy said...

You made me want popcorn but there is none nearby.

Brave Tiffany rules!

Colleen said...

Yay Boobs!

momto1 said...

Yay for breastfeeding! It is hard in the begining...but so worth it. The key is drinking a ton of water, eating well, and nursing on demand (or supplementing with pumped milk on demand). Buy yourself some nipple cream for your hospital bag...they'll likely give you some, but it was one thing I had to send my DH out for the day we brought Stink home. I liked Lansinoh...

I could go on about my experience...let me know if you ever want/need more advice/suggestions.

Mom said...

Awesome!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!