Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The most beautiful smile in the world.

22w 6d

This is a post. A post about someone who is my best friend.
This is a post about someone who has ALWAYS been there for me with her entire heart. Never judging, never breaking me down, always building me up and teaching me to be the best person I can be. A post about someone who taught me right from wrong, but let me find out for myself sometimes because it was the only way she knew I would learn. A post about someone who is most unselfish person you can imagine. She taught me how to be independent, but also when it is good to rely on others for support. She generously used herself as an example to make me a better person. Like I said, the most unselfish person you can imagine.

This is a post about someone whom I once kicked in a department store, someone whom I have fought with, yelled at and said some pretty mean things to. All because she was just trying to love me. I guess sometimes it takes a while to figure that out. This is a post about someone who has sacrificed so much for others, not even considering how it would affect her. A post about someone who makes me so proud, whom I look up to with such admiration. Someone who probably just read that line and said to herself, "Why would you want to admire me, Tiff?" because that's how she thinks. Someone who my friends always thought was way cooler than me. Someone who I once wrote about for a contest at a local grocery store saying, "She is the best because she buys me things." What a shallow little second grader I was. I admire this person because she has set the most wonderful example of what I want to accomplish with my son.

This is a post about a person that has the best smile and laugh in the world. A smile that was once made into an impression that I proudly tell people about because my impression sits next to it in the hall of fame case at our orthodontist - because they were both so similar, in their crookedness. A person that now has beautiful teeth, and knew that I too could have the same beautiful teeth, after braces of course. Someone who was the best Girl Scout leader ever. She is legendary. A post about someone who taught me what good music is but would still listen to "Regulators" on repeat because I liked it so much.

This person is my mom and I can't think of a better person to look to when raising my little boy. I could go on all day about her sharing stories and I am sure if you know her, you could too. If you don't know her, you should get in your car and find her and get to know her. I love you mom, sorry for the crazy amount of stalkers you are about to receive! Oh and thanks for fixing my smile. I love when people tell me it looks just like yours.
By the way, this is a post that is being written a few days early of Mothers Day since we will be out of town all weekend, but it was too important to me to pass up.

Happy Mothers Day, mom!


Colleen said...

That was beautiful!

nancy said...

I do have to say most of your posts make me laugh!! This one made me cry like a baby!!! You're mom is the best!!

Laura said...

That is so sweet