Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The beast.

24w 6d

I have spent the better part of this morning crying. Why you ask? The world is round. Pretty much, yep that's it.

You name it, I probably thought about it and immediately cried about it this morning. I am stressed, tired, angry - all of the normal hormonal reactions that BL has given me. What a sweet boy. Why do weddings and babies make people all drama-filled? Why do I feel like every one's drama is immediately put on my shoulders?

Did you know that BL is viable now? Yup LAST WEEK he reached the point where he would have a good chance of surviving outside of the womb should he decide he needs to come - with medical intervention of course. And did I remember to include this in his Dear Baby last week? No. What's next? His birthday?

Did you know that Paul and I only have about 3 months left of just being us? Just the two of us? 3 more months of being able to get up in the middle of a DVR'd episode of Bones because we feel we need a milkshake and bowl of ice cream? Who am I kidding? We only have 3 more months of actually being able to sit down and WATCH a DVR'd episode of ANYTHING. I am struggling with turning into a wild beast (I already have the hairy body for it) and snarling/growling at people who try to take my husband away from me because we only have 3 months left! Did you know that?! On the other hand, there is so much left to be done and I would rather him do it now so when BL comes, we have time to be a family. Just the 3 of us.

In other news, happy news, Baby Luc has a name. First, middle and last. We have decided to not share it with anyone until his birth though, in case you haven't caught that fact by reading this blog. So don't bug me about it, or I will cry again.

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