Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dear Baby - 25 Weeks


Dear Baby,

13.5 inches of pure little boy. That is for sure what you are. You are so busy in there and sometimes I wonder just what it is that you are doing!? Practicing spirals? Field goals? Bicycle kicks? And you weigh around a pound and half which makes sleeping so fun for mommy. My uterus (your home) is now the size of a soccer ball. You are still working on your nervous system, but everything else is a go. You are also supposedly starting to turn from the breech position to a head down one. Somehow I don't think this is going to be a difficult feat for you. You are still putting on fat and will continue to do so. Also, your hair is recognizable in color in texture although it will probably change after birth. We are hoping to get a good look at what you look like sometime soon with a 3d/4d ultrasound at grandpa Luc's work.

We had another fun night of tossing and turning, sciatica, back pains, getting up to pee, nose bleeds, 5am cat puke and chirping birds. I almost started crying (again) in the shower but held it back. When I went downstairs to eat breakfast I noticed my phone was blinking. I checked the voicemail and guess what little man? Your furniture is in! I immediately started screaming, this was totally unexpected and I was completely prepared to wait another month for it! I have heard stories about the particular collection we ordered being late, etc. since it is so popular. I wasn't worried about waiting for it all since it is ultimately just something else for us to dust, but this MADE MY DAY. Your dad and I were already planning on starting on your room this weekend and painting and now you will have furniture! I am definitely a planner, so the fact that I can start organizing and putting things where they need to go is a plus in my book.

You are in for a fun weekend of mommy moving around a lot, which I know puts you right to sleep. Hang in there for another 14 weeks, kid.

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