Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A countdown of sorts.

25w 6d

*-1 day until I realize I have cankles.
*0 days until I feel Baby Luc's first bout of hiccups. Felt while pooping. He must have gotten a little too excited about all the extra room.
*3 days until the Sex and the City movie comes out. Huge fan right here. I WILL be wearing my t-shirt on Friday. If it fits.
*6 days until we take our Infant CPR class.
*9 days until I am officially in my third trimester. Holy getting close Batman.
*13 days until we meet the pediatrician.
*17 days until my next doctor's appointment and the ever-so-fun glucose test.
*19 days until Paul's first Father's Day.
*27 days until Paul's 29th + 2 birthday.
*39 days until my first shower. Baby shower that is, I shower-shower every day folks. Believe it or not.
*43 days until my next hair appointment and next hair cut.
*46 days until my second shower. Again, BABY shower.
*76 days until our wedding anniversary. Awwww.
*84 days until my last hair appointment that I will still be pregnant at.
*99 days until Baby Luc is due. If he is not out by now he will be served with an eviction notice.

In unrelated news, we are nearing a CODE RED. I will keep you posted.


Colleen said...

But who is counting? ;)

Old Meghan said...

double digits! YAY!