Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Baby - 26 weeks


Dear Baby,

You recently opened your eyes and can now see your cozy little home (for the next 3 months anyways) although I am not sure it is very bright in there. Hopefully you have a good imagination. This past week was a big one for your dad and I. It is so weird to see a crib and blue walls every time we walk past your room. I can't wait for you to see it. See?! Because you can see now! Hopefully your eyes will turn out better than your parent's eyes. If not, don't worry - there have been huge strides made in the style of glasses since your dad was little. I am still hoping that you do get your dad's beautiful blue eyes. I know I will be in major trouble if you do though. How will I ever tell you no?

I was watching a show on Discovery Health two nights ago about a woman who gave birth to her quads at 25 or 26 weeks and they were all a little bit smaller than you are right now (being multiples of course) weighing in at under 2 pounds each (you should be a solid 2 pounds by now and 14 inches long). I couldn't stop thinking that you are that size right now, inside of me. You look like a baby. Wow. This is all becoming a little too real now. I washed what clothes you have so far and put them in the dresser and I couldn't stop thinking about how small they are. I was having a little bit too much fun imagining you in them.

I am having some issues with swelling in my feet and ankles, especially on the right side. I really started to notice it last night and though it isn't severe, it is a little scary. I elevated my feet and even after only being on my feet for 20 minutes this morning, the swelling was back. I did some online research and found that it could be worse on the right side because of your positioning. I do plan on calling into the doctor today just to be safe. I have been sleeping so much better (besides when your dad elbows me in the back) and I would give my energy level a 7 on a 10 point scale right now. The weather so far has been wonderful for a pregnant women in Ohio. I am dreading when Summer does decide to come though, since it will most likely be 65 one day and 90 the next. Can't wait!

It's been a while (3 weeks actually) since we took a belly shot, but here it is! I don't feel that much bigger than I was 3 weeks ago, so I added the 23 week belly shot at the bottom for comparison.

26 weeks above, 23 weeks below.

Alright, 14 weeks to go wiggle worm!


Jessica said...

You look great Tiff

Laura said...

You look so good.

Get some rest, BL. You have a busy summer ahead of you!

A Hunt said...

You make it look like so much fun ;)

You look great!

mamitasalsita said...

i love your blog. i think it is really cool you are doing it. :-)