Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Part I

23w 4d

This is going to be a "two-parter" since we were so busy this weekend! First up is Saturday. A friend of Paul's from high school got married and we were more than happy to attend. They had such a gorgeous day and everything was perfect. Paul's family also attended so we used the opportunity to get some fun photos:

The second is of my sister-in-law Denise and I. Busy summer for this family! Shortly after those photos were taken, there was a pretty bad car accident right by the church and dangerously close to the limo containing the newly weds. Thankfully, everyone was okay.

I managed to capture some of my favorite moments from the day. Nancy was a beautiful bride (Adam looked handsome as well):

I spent a lot of the morning and afternoon by myself while Paul attended to his groomsman duties. So I did a little shopping and got a pedicure. It was wonderful! The baby and I had lunch and I watched him try to escape once again through my belly button. Not an exit, buddy. Speaking of Paul's groomsman duties, look how handsome he looked:

I took the advice of a reader and made sure to get a full-length shot, but oops! I had a black dress on and the reception was in a dimly lit converted church. Must.try.again.
Lastly, jumping ahead and skipping Sunday for now, Paul wants you to check out his new bike:

Stay tuned for Part II sometime soon!


Colleen said...

Great pictures! Paul seems over-joyed with his new ride.

Jessica said...

I love your shoes!

Laura said...

Tiff, the dress looks great on you! You looked beautiful.