Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Weekend Part II

23w 5d

On to Sunday, Mother's Day. We had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel with Paul's family. Like I mentioned before, Paul didn't say anything to me all morning while we were packing to leave, or at breakfast. As we were walking towards the car, he confessed that he forgot it was Mother's Day. Silly boy. I hope he realizes that I have a good memory. And that I hold grudges. WHAT? You want to know what my mother-in-law gave me? Sure.

I can't wait to read it. From what I have heard, this lady is bad ass.
Next we drove North to my hometown to see my family. I wasn't expecting anything from anyone honestly. A nice, "Happy Mother's Day!" is all, if ANYTHING I was expecting. I mean, some people wouldn't even classify me as a mother yet, although I beg to differ. Back to the task at hand, I received these wonderful gifts:

Isn't he the cutest?! Thanks again Aunt Michelle and Meme!

This book is so cool. It is full of quotes about children and being a parent. So cool that I might start incorporating it into this blog. Thanks again Quartz fam!

My mom, always the thinker, got BL this TOTALLY AWESOME bib (figure out what city we live close to yet?) and onesie. BL is going to be stylin' for football season and the end (and most important part if you ask Paul) of baseball season.

My mom also got me this Willow figurine. I love the simplicity of Willow Tree people and it looks wonderful on my dresser. I actually completely forgot about this and I was so happy when I opened it! You're the best mom!

I can imagine how my evening posting has totally been messing with your universe, so I promise that I will return to my regularly scheduled posting tomorrow morning. You can thank me later by sending large, expensive, shiny gifts.

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