Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What I Love Now

22w 5d

Confusion has set in and it takes me like 12 minutes just to get the post title and correct week and day measurement up on this thing. I guess now that the BIG Ultrasound is over, I am having trouble remembering what week I am in. "Is it 22 or 21 weeks?" I cannot believe I am approaching 23 weeks officially, going into my 24th week! Crazy how time flies. Now onto the post for today...

What I am loving right now!

Strawberries. Can they smell any yummier right now? Whenever I am even close to the grocery store I have to scoop up 2 containers of these puppies (Buy one, get one free!). I have been buzzing through them (with Paul's help) like mad. I love them!
Sun Chips. Same thing. I don't think I ate more than a Subway-sized bag of Sun Chips between high school and now, but for some reason I cannot pass up these things!

Baby Legs. Visit them here. They are like mini leg warmers for babies. There are TONS of patterns to choose from and they are oh-so-cute! I am definitely going to purchase some of these for the little one to wear on the days where he can do with a onesie, but may need some warmth on his legs. And how perfect are these for when he starts crawling?

The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. I know I have blogged about this book before, but I decided to buy the DVD on Amazon when I heard how helpful it was. And that isn't a lie. The book is wonderful, and I probably would have been fine, but I like a little visual help sometimes. Paul also was thrilled about this since he really doesn't have the time to read a non work-related book at the moment. Plus it's NBA playoff time.
Also in that Amazon shipment was my Shiva Rea Prenatal Yoga DVD. I really wanted to do yoga in this pregnancy and after calling virtually every yoga studio in the area, only to find out all classes are during the week at 10am, I turned to a DVD. This programs kicks meditative ass. There are 3 women to represent each trimester. It is fun, easy and relaxing. Which brings me to my last love: Sleep.

I was doing just fine in the energy department until recently. I think it's because I have been so busy. The yoga did me in last night. I was snoozing on the couch by 9:30 and this morning it took me an extra 10 minutes to get out of bed. I still feel like a zombie. Hopefully with some regular yoga practice I will be able to find some extra energy. Just in time to never sleep again.


Laura said...

Totally craving cool whip with strawberries now-thanks!

nancy said...

I think I ate 6 .....yes, that's SIX containers of strawberries single handedly last week my myself. Eating all those berries really helps with the constipation though!!:) :)