Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The US Has Issued a Code Orange Belly Button Alert

20w 6d

Time for a Belly Button Watch 2008 update. I want to introduce you to my, er, the United State's new code system for Belly Button Alerts:

Code Blue - Normal, not even pregnant
Code Green - Just pregnant, still an innie
Code Yellow - Starting to become shallow
Code Orange - Completely flush with the rest of the belly skin
Code Red - Full-on outie.

Ladies and gents of the internets, we are now at a full code ORANGE, I repeat a full code ORANGE. The in-depth description for a full code orange is as follows: Belly button is completely flush with the rest of the stomach skin. It no longer looks like a cut piece of a hot dog, but a smashed piece of a cut hot dog. The top portion of the belly button now protrudes a small amount out further than the rest of the belly button. Full disgust of husband is now complete. He will start giving you strange looks and is almost afraid of said belly button. He will hesitate when you demand that he feels it, YOU MUST FEEL THIS!

Image of code orange (please ignore the nasty scar of my youth):

Typical response of person attached to code orange belly button:

I hope that your meals for the rest of the week have not been ruined.


Colleen said...

LOL!!! I am dyin' here.

momto1 said...

Cute belly! I was in "Code Orange" the entire pregnancy with Stink....I hope you get an outie...they are sooo cute! Keep up the belly gets more tender as time wears on.

Jessica said...

LOL - crazy!

nancy said...

You are absolutely hilarious...being on this journey of childbearing with you, i can completely relate...reading your blog brings big SMILES to my face!!!