Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little peek.

19w 6d

I have been holding out in regards to talking about what things we like for the baby and the nursery because I wanted to wait until we were a little closer. I also wanted to wait until we were closer to knowing what gender the baby was because that has a lot to do with what color bedding we get. I think it is close enough, so here are some of the big things we like for baby:

Nursery - Sweet Potato (Glenna Jean) Mud Puddle

Of course the color depends on the sex of the baby. Also, our nursery furniture is an espresso color and not white. The mobile is so cute as well and has bears (GASP!) on it. If you know me well, you know I am not really big on the cutesy animal patterns, or basically anything that even resembles something that would go in a baby nursery. The bears, I think I can live with. They are nice looking bears. No scary faces or looks of disappointment.

For the Hoopty - Graco Snugride and Metrolite Stroller in Platinum

Okay, we really don't have a hoopty. We actually have a 2008 VW Jetta in black. Which is one of the reasons why I choose this carrier and stroller. It matches so well! I mean, who would put a BROWN travel system in a BLACK car?? Beats me. It also is gender friendly and we'll be able to get more than one use out of it if we so please. Most importantly, I did my research (of course) and the Snugride got some of the highest ratings and is fairly inexpensive. Both of these are also pretty lite. I am not a very big person, so I need all the help I can get.

I think that is enough of a tease for today.

About Friday. Our appointment is fairly early in the morning, and the reveal dinner for our families is not until Friday evening. In all fairness, and because I don't trust that some people in the fam will be able to not look at this blog all day, I will not be posting what the gender is until Friday night. Most likely, it will be sometime after 7:30 (a pregnant girl's gotta eat), but it will be that night. I promise not to leave you hanging that long! I thought about doing a live webcast, but I don't own a web camera, so this will have to do.

I'm sorry! I will make it up to you, I promise! Wanna make out now?


Jessica said...

LOVE the bedding! Can't wait for Friday although it'll be a long day waiting for the results!

Colleen said...

I love everything. Deana has similiar bedding for Emma AND the same travel system!

I am so excited for Friday, I may tinkle!

Laura said...

I love it! But really, you aren't going to make the Fallens wait until Friday night are you? That would be just plain wrong.

nancy said...

Dan and I almost got that bedding!! It was between that one and one other! Our colors are blue/chocolate! I love them both and can't wait to find out what you guys are having!