Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From a dragon to a turtle.

19w 5d

Some days the baby is so active, others he chooses to sleep all day only waking up to kick me a couple times in the bladder to let me know it's time to pee. I think today will be an active day. In between snooze button hits this morning, (get your dialing fingers ready) I rolled onto my back for a couple minutes (gasp!) because my right side was giving me sciatica issues and my left arm was asleep from laying on it all night. Once on my back, the baby went crazy. I imagine him flailing his arms and legs like a turtle that is stuck on his back. Poor thing.
Of course, being the nice mommy that I am, and not wanting to get up yet, I rolled back onto my now limp and lifeless left arm for a couple minutes. I think the baby ninja then did some SUPER RAD flips because by the time I got to the shower, he was kicking me by my belly button. Usually it is nothing but crotch and bladder kicks.

A couple random thoughts for today:
1. Juno is released on DVD today. GO RENT/BUY IT. I am serious. Such a wonderful movie. I promise you will not be disappointed!

2. Why do people STILL not understand that you are supposed to slow down in a school zone? There was a crossing guard that gave her life last week because a dump truck came barreling through a school zone and almost hit a 4th grader crossing the street.

3. Only one more day to get your Baby Luc gender vote in! Friday is the day! I will be posting tomorrow about what will go down that day in regards to this blog.

4. Belly Button Watch 2008 Update: Still an innie. VERY close to the edge though. If I pull upwards on the top of the belly button, it is then even with the rest of my stomach. Soon people, very soon.


Laura said...

The turtle cracked me up!

Colleen said...

I too, loved the turtle.

Colleen said...

Because you said so, I watched Juno last night. Alright, it wasn't just ALL you. Anyhoo, I laughed, I cried, I loved it!