Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear Baby - 18 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I have a feeling you are a ninja. Or an acrobat. You sure have been kicking the hell out of me this week, which I love to feel because I know you are happy in there (or unhappy about what I just fed you). You always kick me after I eat and are especially active in the morning (like now). I am calling you a ninja because one minute you will kick me way down low, then the minute it will be up higher towards my belly button. Sometimes it's in the middle. I imagine you doing flips and roundhouse kicks in there, or maybe some karate chops? Enjoy your space now little one because you are growing by leaps and bounds (6 inches long and 7 ounces this week) and will be running out of room soon.

This week your skin is being covered by vernix, or as I like to call it... BIRTH LUBE! I know it is to protect your soft skin, but it will also help with delivery. Momma likey. You can fully hear me now and your ears are in the proper position. I have been trying to cut back on the trucker-talk and have been using letters instead of words to communicate my frustration. For example, F, B, GD, OPP? Kidding. I know you are probably sick of hearing your dad and I say, "And Gary, on the kick drum, come come. Come come Gary, on the kick drum...". You are probably all like, "Who is Gary?". Some day I will sit down and watch The Breakup with you and it will all make sense.

I have definitely seen a slow down in my movements. I have learned that if I take my time getting up, walking, rolling over and bending down, I will not get those pains I have been talking about. I am also suffering from the "Dropsies". I read that the ligaments in pregnant women's hands will loosen for some strange reason. When I try to hold onto anything that is somewhat light, I usually drop it. Then I have to pick it up, slowly. This has thrown my whole day off. I need to get up earlier.
Guess what? Chicken butt. No really, guess what? We are going to Cincinnati this weekend to hang out with your auntie Anne. Guess what else? We are going to the aquarium, they have penguins there. Also, Anne lives close to Ohio's only IKEA. AND she said she would make us a smoothie. Are you as excited as I am?

2 more weeks until the BIG ultrasound and 22 more weeks until I show you what a Wii is.


Jessica said...

Tiff, I love your baby bump! I can't believe how fast time is flying by! VERY exciting!

Colleen said...

So, is it Baby Lube now?

Laura said...

LMAO over the baby lube!

Your new picture is so cute! Baby Luc is getting bigger everyday.

Julie said...

Hey Sis, I just love your baby blog! What an awesome way to remember this amazing special time and for everyone else to enjoy it too!
Anyway, who is Jennifer? I did not crave laundry detergent. I craved cheese curls and Mountain Dew with Jack and everything and anything red with Josie :) Hope you and baby luc have a great day!
Love you

momto1 said...

Great bump! We used to sing "Everyone was Kung-Fu fighting..." to Stink while I was pregnant. He kicked and fliped so much! My DH even suggested we named him Carl (after the singer) for a while jokingly. We sang that song so much to him, that when he wasn't moving around and we started to sing it, he'd start moving- of course, we didn't know Stink was a boy...