Monday, April 7, 2008

It's about time!

18w 4d

I cannot even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to see sunshine and be able to put my car windows down! I hope Spring is here to stay because this is great! Do I need another exclamation point? There! We were in Cincinnati this weekend to visit friends and I got to hang out with one of my best friends all day Saturday. What fun can you have with a 5 month pregnant lady you ask? The child-ish and food-related kind. We went to the Newport Aquarium (posting pictures later), candy store, out to eat (twice) and officially busted my IKEA cherry. I am convinced that place is a small slice of what my heaven must look like.

I behaved, only buying things that will benefit our newly-found love of nesting or things for the baby. I got a closet organizer, floating shelf, drawer organizers, curtains, and more! I was going to post pictures from the IKEA website, but I forget the names of the products and they are all Swedish. I got a ton of stuff for around $80. It was a steal. Especially on the floating shelf, which will match the nursery furniture perfectly and is about 3 feet long - only $14.99. Paul didn't get to go so when we go on our mini-babymoon to Pittsburgh I see an IKEA stop in our future.

Ohh here. I found some of the items I bought:

The first is a closet organizer (I got white) that you can buy drawers for as well (I did). The second is actually a DVD storage box that I got to put loose photos in. The last is a tiny picture of the drawer organizers.

More on my Cincinnati trip tonight after I retouch the aquarium pictures that I took. Check back!

Gender countdown: 11 days


Judi said...

Wow only 11 days until you found out the gender!! so exciting!!!!!! (all those exclamation points just for you!!!!)

Colleen said...

I can't believe you're almost half way there! Fingers crossed for my gender of choice :)

Jessica said...

11 days... YES!!!!!!!!!!