Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Set the record straight.

20w 6d

I have talked about Old Wives Tales before (OWT) and their undeniable hilarity, so now that we know we have a penis on our hands, lets revisit those. Shall we?

I am carrying high. OWT say it should be a girl. WRONG! The way you carry actually depends on your uterine tone (aka how tone your stomach muscles are).

Baby Luc's heartbeat has been above 140 for the majority (if not all) of the times it has been checked. Heart rate's over 140 usually mean it's a girl. WRONG. Heart rate is actually not affected by the sex of the child until after it is born, when a baby girl's heart rate will increase during labor.

I will usually take a Sour Patch Kid over some chocolate. Sour cravings usually mean it's a boy. RIGHT. Although I do indulge in some chocolate or other sweets from time to time so this is a moot point. Some scientists will even tell you that cravings don't even exist.

Paul has not gained any weight. This usually means it's a boy. RIGHT. But if you know my husband, you knew this wouldn't be happening anyways.

My face has stayed about the same. Only a couple break outs here and there, but mostly from me switching moisturizers. This would say the baby is a boy. RIGHT.

My instinct always said that it was a boy. RIGHT. Did you know that 71% of pregnant women guess their unborn baby's gender correctly? Maybe some of you should have listened to me!

Chinese gender charts. One said boy, one said girl. I guess it depends which kind you are using.

So the final score 4 right, 2 wrong (not counting the Chinese Gender charts). Though fun, OWT are just that. There is no truth to them and usually they will annoy pregnant women after a certain point. But what doesn't, right?


Allison said...

What do you think about this new study the UK has been talking about? :)

Tiff said...
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Tiff said...


I just skimmed it really quick, but I am guessing that since the man determines the child's gender, the type of diet a woman consumes changes the make-up of her cervical fluid. Maybe making it harder for certain spermies to make it where they need to go?

We conceived just as the holiday season was kicking off...what does that say? LOL

Laura said...

OWT always perplexed me.

jday0550 said...

Football and basketball always works best.