Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Baby - 20 weeks


Dear Baby,


HOLY SHIT! I cannot believe we are half way there! The past 20 weeks have gone by so fast and I am sure that once we know what you are (tomorrow!) they will go by even faster! We are so excited to start the REAL planning for you. We are even more excited for you to get here (in a healthy way) so we can hold you and look at you. Tomorrow is such a big day and we can't wait to see you again. Ultrasound days are always so much fun and tomorrow is no exception.

We will get to see all of your organs, and I mean all of them. Don't be shy! I am anxious to see how much you weigh and how big you are now. Websites are saying that you are around 10.5 inches head to toe and 10.5 ounces in weight. That's the size of a cantaloupe or the length of a really long...banana? Have you even seen a banana that big? Of course not. Your eyes are still fused shut. Duh. You are fattening up and getting cuter by the day and swallowing amniotic fluid like a champ. You also now have tiny little eye lashes and eyebrows. Your genitals are now completely formed as well, so again, don't be shy tomorrow!

I feel great now that my allergies are giving me a break. Spring has officially sprung and it is going to be gorgeous today and tomorrow. The belly is getting bigger and bigger but you are still kicking away. I imagine that it is going to start getting tight in there, so curl up and enjoy the rest of your baking.

The poll about your gender is officially closed and BOY won with 35 votes. Thank you to all of you who voted - don't forget to leave a comment tomorrow and let me know if you were right or wrong!

20 more weeks until your big debut little one. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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