Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"SO?! I love my baby mama, I'll never let her go."

17w 6d

I am going to hurry up and write this entry before anything bad happens today. Who knew so much could happen in the first 2 hours you are awake? Let me explain, kind of, what yesterday was about. I got hit with 3 "issues" like BAM BAM BAM and my poor little-ish hormonal body just had a break down. But if I did learn anything from yesterday it is that a.)I have to be careful about how long and how hard I cry nowadays because I get an instant headache and swollen eyes, and b.) I cannot let myself get TOO upset because I will be sick to my stomach all day.

I also want to mention that yesterday had nothing to do with my wonderful husband. He has been the BEST support to me. I love him more and more every day.

Finally, if you wish to listen to my theme song from yesterday while you read the rest of the post, click HERE.

Down to business. Since it is Wednesday, I am going to do a Wordy Wednesday and talk about Pica. Pica can affect anyone, but a lot of pregnant women develop it during the course of their pregnancy. Pica is a disorder that causes one to have an appetite for non-nutritive substances such as clay, wood, metal, feces, chalk, paper, flour, etc. Research suggests that Pica develops in people who have some sort of biochemical deficiency, particularly in iron. If this is not the case, it is usually caused by a mental disorder. Pregnant women tend to be deficient in iron (among other minerals) so this makes perfect sense.

I do not have any tendencies related to Pica, nor do I know anyone who has suffered from this, but I thought it interesting nonetheless. Okay, I am going to go eat some fish and beans. Who's with me?


Colleen said...

Sooo, some women can have cravings for woodchips?

Tiff said...

Or paintchips.

Jessica said...

Not wanting to eat dirt yet.... this is good!

Jennifer said...

Actually, Tiff, your sister had a craving for laundry I guess now you DO know someone who had crazy cravings! lol You look super cute Mrs Pregnant lady! Keep the posts coming...I'm LMAO everyday :)