Monday, April 14, 2008

A burnin' bed of fire!

19w 4d

Poor Paul. Really. My temperature fluctuates so frequently these days and he is on the losing end of the deal. Last night I wore what I normally wear to bed - sweats and a t-shirt. At about 1am I was tossing back and forth, throwing my body pillow off the bed, pulling the covers up, down, up, down. I was sweating worse than Chris Farley during his famous Chip N' Dales skit (God rest his soul). I swear to you I could feel the heat radiating off of Paul (who was probably freezing in his sweat shirt, t-shirt, sweat pants and socks). The humidifier was turned up (it's a cool air one, so I think that helps), we took the extra winter blanket off of the bed, the heater always kicks back at night and last night was a fairly cool night. AHHH!

I got up to pee after much tossing and turning. I peeled (no, literally peeled) my sweat soaked pants off and went back to bed barely using any covers. I also had to kick Binx off of the bed at one point because he is for sure the source of some of the heat. I finally went to sleep around 3am. I feel horrible that I am disturbing Paul and Binx, but I was on FIRE!

This morning I think I asked Paul 5 times what it was like outside. Do I need a winter coat? Is it cold? WHAT IS IT LIKE? COLD?!?! The poor guy finally said, "Just take a Spring jacket, damn it! You are outside for 2 minutes total in the morning!"

My office is so cold today. I'm freezing!

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Colleen said...

I was up all night too, of course but not similiar to your issues. Hang in there!