Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear Baby - 19 weeks


Dear Baby-

I cannot believe we are almost half way there! The last week has been amazing - the kicks are getting so strong now and I love feeling them to know you are there. You dad has been able to feel them more frequently now, and from what he told me, even when I am asleep. I realized Monday just how excited I am for you to come into our lives. The thought that something could have possibly been wrong scared me out of my mind. Deep down I think that all along I knew you were fine (one indicator being that you were kicking the crap out of me) and that we were going to be alright.

"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue."
You are getting so big now - big enough that doctors may begin measuring you from head to toe instead of crown to rump. Your head to toe measurement is 10 inches this week! I also read where your little feet are each an inch long now! I looked at my handy ruler this morning and said, "Aww little feet!". Don't worry, you really don't have that much further to go before you can wear my shoes - if you are a girl of course (or a boy, that's fine). You weigh a whole 8 ounces this week! I am just amazed at how fast you are growing. Your brain is working hard this week on sensory development. This is probably why you have become quite the little dancer when we are in the car. You love listening to Danity Kane, a fact that does not make your dad happy. I like to think that you have my same love of music and sometimes just like a good beat to dance to. You can listen to it HERE.

My belly just keeps getting bigger, and since we were not home last night I don't have a new picture to show to you yet. Hopefully soon. There is one issue that I am going to start talking about this week and that is Belly Button Watch 2008. I have a rather large, usually deep belly button. It almost looks like what the end of a sliced hot dog looks like. The belly button is getting dangerously close to the surface and I think I may only have a couple more weeks before I am officially an "outie". I will keep the Internet posted.

Thumbs down to outie belly buttons.
Countdown to gender discovery is now at 8 days and only 21 weeks until you get to feel a wonderful Ohio summer/fall.


Laura said...

So do you have to sleep on your side? Just curious....I mean, I know you aren't sleeping on your stomach.

Tiff said...

Yes, on my side. So I don't put pressure on the vena cava...or something like that.

Colleen said...

I am so excited for this baby.