Saturday, April 19, 2008

Details, Details

20w 2d

What a crazy two days it has been! Yesterday was very fun but very tiring. We had both sides of our family over last night to reveal the news and then a family issue to attend to early today. I know you are all waiting so patiently to hear about the appointment, right?

We got up early yesterday morning and headed for the doctor. To our delight, the ultrasound was first and it was so fun. Of course Paul screamed, "I just saw a wiener!" as soon as the ultrasound tech (UT) turned the thing on. The UT quickly replied with, "Come on. I have been doing this for a long time. I think I can save the best for last!". She then informed him that what he saw was the umbilical cord. Indeed it was, this time. She checked all of the boring yet important stuff out first - ovaries, uterus, placenta, fluid levels, etc. Then she began the fun stuff. We looked at his brain, organs, blood flow, heart (a mighty 150 bpm, how's that for old wives tales?), fingers (10!), toes (10!), bones, etc. He was very active as usual and tried sucking on his thumb a couple times, only to settle for some quick drinks of amniotic fluid. Yum.

After looking over all of his PERFECT little pieces-parts, it was time for the moment of truth. Paul happened to be looking at my stomach to see where the UT had the wand and he heard the UT and I start letting out cries of joy. "There it is! Oh, that is FOR SURE a boy!", said the UT. Paul snapped his head back to the screen and stood up to give out some Tiger Wood-ish punches. The best part was that once we found the penis, Baby Boy Luc immediately started playing with it. So typical. In the end, we walked out of the ultrasound room with 14 pictures total. Here are some of my favorites:

Later that evening, our families came over for food and a special cake cutting. I had filled a cake with blue filling and my dad (the birthday boy) was to cut into it so that everyone could FINALLY see what the baby was. Once he cut into it the first time and pulled out the cutter to make his next cut, it was all over. There was a streak of blue on the cake cutter and everyone knew right away! Mission accomplished.

We are so excited about this little boy and so in love with him already. He is already showing his little personality and lets me know when he likes or dislikes what I am doing. So cute! We cannot wait to meet him! Let the name debating begin!

20 weeks!


Colleen said...

WHat a handsome little guy! I am glad the big reveal went so well. Congrats again!

nancy said...

Your ultrasound photos are so great!! He looks sooo beautiful! And...yes, it is DEF. a BOY!!!:) :)