Monday, July 7, 2008

Promises and Painkillers

31w 4d

Oh the demands of my readers. You are all so quiet until you want something. Sounds a lot like someone I know. Hmm. I have so much to tell you dear Internet, but some of it will have to wait until this evening. I promise there will be hair photos tonight. I also promise a first baby shower run-down complete with pictures (I hope, if you have some please send them to me!) in the next 2 days. As a teaser, I will say that it was wonderful. The weather was perfect and everyone was so generous. This baby will never be naked or without a certain CUTE doll or two.

On to another reader demand. A past co-worker, current friend and current fellow host to a baby, Nancy, has requested that I share my thoughts about drugs during labor. I love reader questions, so I will happily answer. I do want the epidural during labor. I am not trying to be a superhero here, but I applaud the strong women who DO give birth without any drugs (and usually with strict birth plans). I have of course done the research, know the possible issues - issues could happen either way though - and I am fully aware that a catheter and large needle will be inserted into my back.

How can someone who is so anti-elective C-section be so pro-medicated birth you ask? Good question. There are lots of reasons behind this, and though I might sound like a hypocrite, it all has to do with what is best for the baby and I. If I need a c-section, I'll take it of course. If I am too late for drugs, I will bite down on a big stick and go for it...but I would rather not. I want the "natural" birth experience but I want to enjoy it. Somehow, I don't think I would enjoy it so much without the intervention of some drugs. I guess there is no easy way to explain my feelings other than GIVE ME THE DRUGS! I hope that is clear and not just a big paragraph of random words and ramblings.

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nancy said...

Good answer!! I want to try to go natural and my little dude is STILL BREACH!!! So, things are always out of our control, I may have no choice and have to have a c-section. Or, the pain may be so horrible, I'll be screaming for one! You have a natural approach to so many things...bottles, lifestyle, etc. I thought maybe you were working on your birthplan as we speak! Thanks for the answer!