Monday, July 14, 2008

Why he sticks to roulette.

32w 4d

Today's post was going to be the shower number 2 recap, but I have something much better to write about, so it will wait until tomorrow. This does have to do with a shower a teensy bit though. There was a slight incident at the shower on Saturday.

There I was, sitting on my in-law's back deck, chatting it up with some lovely people at my shower when all of the sudden my sister-in-law Chrissy opens the back door and informs me that someone had just guessed BL's name and Paul's poker face was less than stellar. I excused myself to go inside and "kill my husband", or beat him, or something violent, I can't quite remember which. I no longer wanted to hurt him once I came through the door and saw the poor guy sweating bullets.

Evidently, a family member was just running through names trying to guess when she said it and Paul was completely caught off guard. Up until this point no one has been able to correctly guess BL's name so this was not an issue. I know she felt horrible, but honestly and secretly I was kind of relieved. Do you know how hard it is to keep yourself from blurting out a name in public that you regularly use in the comfort of your home? Paul and I decided that it was best to just announce it after I opened my gifts. I always kind of had it in my head that if that ever happened, we would just tell people. I feel better now, with bouts of disappointment that I have yet again ruined a surprise, but this time not for myself (Paul is the only person to ever successfully surprise me, ONCE). Overall though, I am happy it is out there, happy that people know and can now say it, happy that I can hang his name in his room without having to take it down when visitors come over, and happy that we even made it this far without slipping.

So without further ado, The Baby Luc's name is Mason Theodore.

Somehow, I still think he will be BL to many people for a long time and that's just fine with me. I have been reminded that there are still lots of surprises left with Mason's impending arrival, and isn't that the truth!


Laura said...

I love the name and I love that you shared it with everyone this weekend!

I hope you had a great shower.

Colleen said...

We could give him a rapper name, like Mason BL and the BL will be a mystery to his fans.

Love the name!

Amy said...

I love it!!!! That was a crazy lucky guesser.

I like Mason BL for now. Sounds pretty badass.

Jessica said...

Horray for Mason! I love it!

momto1 said...

What a great name!

Erin said...

adorable name!!!! Sorry you had to give away the secret before you planned, but I'm glad you are so happy about it. I can't wait to see the nursery with his name in it! :)

nancy said...

LOVE the name!! Now you know, we want to know where and how it came it out of a hat...give us the scoop!!:) :) It is such a great name!

Judi said...

Tiff, I love the name Mason!! Very Stoic and important sounding. I would have loved to name a future son that as well..but alas, the kid's last name will be Dickson...and you just can't name your child Mason Dickson. ha ha.