Friday, July 11, 2008

Code RED Alert

32w 1d

The US has issued a Code RED alert in the Luc household. I repeat, a code RED alert. The belly button is now in full-outie position. It can be seen through shirts, and if it was winter, probably through sweaters as well. Husband is now completely appalled and will not even come close to touching the belly button. Extreme torture can be achieved by pulling up shirt and showing husband the belly button, then proceeding to chase him around the house. Cat looks frightened as well, but will still cuddle up to the belly button. People who feel the belly will always question which limb/finger/toe of the baby's is poking out through your shirt, OR proceed to tell you "I feel something, right THERE!" and rub the belly button. It is the owner of the belly button's job to inform belly-toucher that they are in fact, feeling the belly button.

Pictures of belly button seem to not do it justice, but for your safety, please refer to the image below so that you can recognize a CODE RED when you see one.


Colleen said...

Freaks me out.

Laura said...

Quote from my husband while reading over my shoulder, "why are you looking at boobs"