Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a dream.

33w 4d

First of all, the next Summer Bunch baby is coming today! Amy and Dave are expecting Miss Nola this afternoon! Congrats and good luck!

I had some pretty odd dreams last night, one of which I know was the result of watching Snapped on Bravo for a little bit before going to bed. No, I am not planning to murder my husband but after the second dream I had, I briefly considered it - until I realized it was just a dream of course.

It was one of those dreams where you wake up and have this sinking feeling in your gut that it really did happen, and then it takes you a good 5-10 minutes to realize that it did not. I turned and looked at Paul, whose elbow was of course pointing straight at the ceiling threatening my face, and realized that it was indeed a dream. I can't remember the entire context of the dream, but it went something like this:

I was home, barefoot and 8.5 months pregnant of course, and Paul brings home this gorgeous blond girl and informs me that he is no longer attracted to me at this point in time and wanted to hang out with her. They were going to watch a movie and I was more than welcome to watch it with them. So I did. He sat with his arm around her at one side of the couch, while I sat on the other side, scarfing down a bowl of ice cream (see, it really was a dream). Once the movie was over, I headed up to bed where I heard her say she was leaving. I peaked around the corner, just in time to see Paul kiss her. I was horribly upset. Somewhere in the dream, I ended up slapping him (go me).

I woke up completely drenched in sweat (while Paul was shivering of course) and breathing so hard that my lungs now feel like I ran a marathon. I was half-crying and had a horrible feeling in my stomach - similar to the feeling I had the morning I woke up and found out my boyfriend in college was cheating on me (I have ESP). All it took was me rolling over and looking at my husband and his menacing elbow to calm down. When I told Paul about the dream this morning he said, "What an asshole". When I told him that I slapped him in the dream, he said, "Good!".

It was all dream and sometimes I think my life is all a dream, but a good one, because of that man.


Colleen said...

Have you been dipping into my nicotine patches?

Laura said...

I hate dreams like that, especially the sick feeling that comes with them.