Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Your weekly update.

33w 6d

I am starting to think that maybe I should have had a little better foresight when I scheduled my prenatal massage appointments. I have my last session tonight (boo) and of course this week has been hell on my back. Sitting at work is no longer fun, my tailbone feels like it might poke through my skin, and my lower back is just an annoyance at this point. Boy must be getting big.

On the flip side, if I would have scheduled later appointments then laying on the table might have been such a hassle that the massages probably would have been less-than-enjoyable. Not that the massages have been completely relaxing with a ninja-baby inside of me. What's that mom? You're going to lay on your side and relax now? PERFECT timing to practice my round-house kicks.

The feet are back to normal, which only means one thing since the weather has been pretty consistent: Ninja baby was laying on something, pinching something off and loving it. I am no longer forced to make every outfit match with the Croc sandals, as comfortable as they are, they are HUGE on my normally-petite feet.

What else, what else. OH, while glancing into my bra cup this morning I noticed a small round circle of what at one time was probably some leakage. I am not sure when this occurred (sometime since the weekend) so now I am all paranoid that I will begin squirting at inappropriate times. Lovely. And I dreamed about Agent Orange last night and woke up in another almost-crying fit. That's all I am giving you this time. It is getting too ridiculous to write about.


Colleen said...

I am glad your feet are back to normal. They were starting to creep me out.

momto1 said...

Oh, the leakage. Fun stuff. Johnson & Johnson makes some nice thin disposable breast pads that aren't too bad...just beware of the fake nipple. Seriously.