Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Baby - 33 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I think I am approaching the point where I start to get uncomfortable. I am not completely there yet, but I have noticed some things happening with me lately that are setting off the alarms in my head and body that say, "Hey stupid, there is a little boy growing inside of you and he is getting really big now and I think I am going to dump him out soon because I need a vacation!". For example, I now waddle. It's not cute at all. Also, my feet are the size of the Michelin Man's by the time I step out of the shower every morning. No amount of propping can help them. This caused me to waddle into the mall last night and purchase these babies:

Yes, they are Crocs, which by-the-way I always swore up and down that I would NEVER buy (although you might get some BL, because baby Crocs are ADORABLE). That still holds true since I will never buy the platypus-looking ones, I don't care how comfy they are. I must say, these are a life-saver. VERY flexible, and cushion-y leaving plenty of room for the large amounts of swelling my feet do. I feel like I have moon shoes on. I also plan on living in these while in the hospital because EWW who wants to shower without shower shoes there? A HUGE thank you to Amy, who introduced me to these fine pieces of footwear.

Here is a run-down of BL's progress this week (supposedly): 4.5 pounds, 17-ish inches of butt-kicking little boy. You dream now that you go through patterns of REM sleep, and are continuing to gain fat of course. You are pretty much just hanging out in there and baking. It is hard to believe that I only have 4 more weeks of work left, 4 more weeks until I am considered full-term, and 5 more weeks until you are considered full term (this whole thing confuses me, but whatever). Last night, your grandma and I made a fun trip to Babies R Us (where they made me feel like a criminal, more on that later) and I am pretty sure you are all set now. There are a couple things that need completed in the nursery, but other than that, your dad and I are ready for you.

You, however are NOT ready for us - stay an inside baby for a little bit longer, mmkay? 7 weeks until you're due!

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living."
-Gail Sheehy


Jessica said...

I can't believe you're getting so close AND you bought some Crocs. Hey, whatever you can do to be comfortable!

Colleen said...

::wipes tear:: Seems like just yesterday when I got that bright and early email.

mamitasalsita said...

7 weeks! :-)

angie said...

Crocs are comfortable.....wish they were a bit more fashionable though! You have to be one of the cutest pregnant women I've ever seen. I'm jealous. :)