Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dear Baby - 31 Weeks


Dear Baby,

I have a feeling time is going to start to really fly by now. Our first shower is this weekend and that of course means that B-Day is getting closer and closer since people will be giving us gifts to make your arrival much easier. You are actually going to have to leave your happy home soon and make your way into the milder-than-usual Ohio summer. I know I have said this before, but you really picked a great year to be born. A lot of people will try to tell you otherwise Baby Luc, but don't listen to them. Pay no attention to the gas prices, milk prices, war or the HUGE let downs that are Cleveland sports. Instead, focus on the impending presidential election (hey, since I have been born only 3 families have controlled the White House, boring!), new square milk jugs, Olympics, people being forced to be more efficient and green and the possibility that the Browns could be better than last year (which actually wasn't that bad of a season anyways).

I always try to look on the positive side of things, since we tend to surround ourselves with negativity on a daily basis (the root of many problems) and you have helped me with that so much this year. You are so innocent (or so I think, ninja baby) and nonjudgmental and even though I know that won't last forever, I hope you can hang on to at least a little bit of that. You are also getting BIG. As usual. You should be nearing 4 pounds and 17 inches and will be putting on close to half a pound a week until week 38. That would put you right at 7.5 pounds (the average). Of course the OB is keeping a close eye on this since I have GD. Neither the doctor OR I would like you to get too much bigger. As your dad always tells me, I am a tiny little person (or I was).

Your new loves are Coldplay (you dance to the new album when I play it for you) and A Baby Story on TLC. For some reason, every time I watch that show, you go nuts. Do you know what's going on? Do you get excited because you will get to do that soon? Or is it the babies crying? I guess I will never know! Your movements are slowing down a little, which could either be from the lack of sugar in the foods I now eat, or the fact that you are probably running out of room in there. I am already missing your every half hour disco parties.

Self-portrait this week - how did I do? Gotta love camera timers! Notice anything different about this photo? I'll give you a hint - look around my neck/shoulder area.

9 more weeks little monkey boy!


mamitasalsita said...

did you chop your hair????

Colleen said...

According to Chris Martin, their new album may "change the world". So watch out, BL!

Krista said...

Let's see that hair!! I can't believe you chopped it! Your baby belly is too cute!