Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Luc Express

34w 1d

I came home yesterday to find a little box in the mail, addressed to all of us. I opened it as soon as I saw it and just after Paul had went upstairs to take a shower. Inside was the cutest train piggy bank, personalized for Baby Luc and painted in the colors that have been forced on him from day one - blue and brown of course. I immediately ran upstairs to show Paul. The train was greeted with it's second smile since being 'unboxed'.

Thank you so much Lauren! We absolutely love it and you should know that it made our day. Especially Paul. It takes a little while usually for both of us to decompress from the work day and get ourselves back into a happy mood. Paul had a rather trying day and I know now that your gift probably saved us from a night of grumpiness!

The train now has settled into its place on Mason's changing table where everyone can enjoy it!

I am off to my doctor appointment now, I hope everyone has a fast Friday workday and a wonderful weekend!


Nikki said...

How cute!

Rhea said...

Adorable train bank! Love it. What a nice surprise in the mail. All I find are bills in my mailbox.

Congrats on being on the SITS Saucy blog list this week!