Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Baby - 29 Weeks

29 Weeks

Dear Baby,

Ouch. For real. What are you doing in there? You better come out with an in-womb-homemade dagger set, or some serious nun chucks because I don't think it's possible for a 2.6 pound, 16 inch little boy to cause that much discomfort and movement. Wow. Your dad and I (and some others) are convinced that you are perhaps super intelligent, growing at Jack-like rates or are incredibly bored and just haven't quite figured how to get out yet. (Please don't do this. You need to cook longer) I'm serious BL, people can see you move from the outside from across a room. You're such a little show-off!

This past week was a challenge for us, as we were used for a human pin cushion since Friday and you went on two separate sugar-induced highs from the lovely glucose drink. Good news though - I passed the 3-hour glucose test and all is fine and dandy in the world of sugar consumption and gestational diabetes. I have also began my twice-monthly appointments, and you know what that means - we are almost there. I will go at 30, 32, 34 and 36 weeks THEN I will start once-a-week appointments until you decide to come out and play. Time is flying by and with showers starting soon, and the impending births of all of your little friends, I know you will be here in no time. We cannot wait to meet you and see what all the in-womb fuss was about.

You are demanding more calcium from me, which explains my constant milk/cheese/yogurt cravings, so that your bones can continue to get stronger (you know, because the hard elbows and knees protruding from my stomach weren't enough). Your brain is also growing larger, so that means that your head is too. Perfect.

Your dad and I were having fun looking at the progression of my belly shots last night and I was making fun of myself for thinking I was SO HUGE at 12 weeks. Pfft. I was SKINNY. I have gotten bigger from last week and I know it will continue to happen as you grow. I am sure I will look back at this week's picture towards the end and laugh that I had no clue just how huge I was capable of getting. But the good news is that there are no noticeable stretch marks yet (that I can see) and that I am still wearing my wedding rings. I also have been noticing that infamous dark line making it's presence known under my belly button.

Only 11 more weeks until we can begin teaching you how to clean up cat puke at 6am.


Jessica said...

I'm happy to hear you passed your 3 hour test! Woohoo!

You look great!

Colleen said...

::fist pump:: for passing tests!!!

Laura said...

You passed! Woo Hoo!

You look great by the way!

Maud Bryt said...

just happened upon your blog -- 29 weeks is getting there! i'm reading about manet also.

nancy said...

I was praying for you and your glucose tests!!! SOOO happy to hear all is well....and, even better news is STILL no stretch marks...I def. think some people just get them...and others nothing!! I already have tons of little ones forming...hopefully they will not turn into full blown bear claw marks. I have them already from being, I guess this just adds to the other lonely marks.