Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Baby - 28 Weeks


Dear Baby,

Moo. That's right, moo. Evidently you are producing androgen and estrogen now that will stimulate my breast milk to come in. I haven't sprung a leak yet, but I suspect it will happen at a very inopportune time - like while I am out to eat, with a client, or when I finally get to meet Barack Obama. So this whole edema thing, it keeps happening every other week. So strange. From what I can tell, it has NOTHING to do with the weather but more to do with your position. So do me a favor little one, move your ass off of whatever you are sitting on and let some fluid and blood flow in and out of my legs. Was that a no that I just heard? Okay then, I will have the masseuse help me out in that department tonight. Yes, internets, I am bragging. But this will surely make you feel sorry for me:

If the hugeness of the State Puff feet don't make you sad, the state of my toenails and leftover burnt skin surely will.

Besides playing with my organs and causing me to swell all of the time, you now enjoy running your elbows up and down my insides. You only do this when I go to bed and I lay on my left side. I must say, it the weirdest feeling EVER. Are you doing baby yoga in there? I suspect that you are. That or you are practicing your form for free-throws and using my ribs as a target. I know I sound like I am complaining little one, but I am not. I know I will miss feeling you inside of me when you transition to an outside baby but it is SO DAMN WEIRD. You are for sure my little wiggle worm. Binx is not impressed as he is the original baby, or OB (kinda like OG):

You now weigh about 2.5 pounds and are 15.75 inches long! AND guess what? We made it to the third trimester OFFICIALLY. The final countdown has begun (cue the music). You continue to put on fat, make red blood cells, and your eyesight may be good enough to detect light filtering through the womb. I don't really run around with my belly out so much, so I am not sure if you have witnessed this yet. I thought about this fact last night though, and decided it was time to start doing bare-belly shots for that added shocking effect. Look! No stretch marks so far:

Do you like my hot pj shorts baby? Well get used to them, because in 12 weeks you will be seeing a lot more of them!


Laura said...

Your poor little feet...well not so little feet.

You look great!! I can't believe how quickly time is flying.

Jessica said...

Your poor feet!

Glad we finally got to see a bare belly... you look great!

Colleen said...

You make pregnancy look good... Except for the burnt feet.