Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mini Paul


Last night got crazy. Don't be mad. There will be lots of pictures, video and words today! That is, unless I pass out since the air is broken in my office. SWEEEET!

First up, 3D images from yesterday. BL was all snug up against the placenta almost the entire time but we managed to get some good shots of his face, including his Luc nose, courtesy of Paul. He has wonderfully chubby cheeks and is a thumb-sucker!

And finally, showing us what he thinks about my jokes:

Stay tuned for more kiddies!


Laura said...

Can he be any cuter?

Colleen said...

:::waves::: Hey BL! Can't wait to meet you!

mamitasalsita said...

that is amazing!

Old Meghan said...

I am amazed by this! BL is by far the cutest not born yet baby I have EVER seen!