Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A welcomed change of pace.

29w 5d

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a "cutesy" baby person. There are very few "baby-looking items" that I would make my child wear/sleep with/be surrounded with. I am just not into Pooh or Mickey the way others are. I could never live with myself if I forced my child to sleep in a room covered in Pooh bears, it's just not me. I try my hardest to spread the love for more modern items to others as well. You won't see me giving character onesies or ruffled underwear at baby showers. Not this girl.

Here are some recent and one not-so-recent finds of mine that I am completely in love with:

Baby socks from Trumpette:
Seriously, how cute are these? And perfect for newborns. I have read that they run small though, so the 0-12 month fitting size may turn into 0-5 months for your chunky monkey. But that's still a good 5 months of wearing time!
Johnny's $24.50 (includes 6 pair, various colors)

6 Socks That Rock $24.50

Next up is the DwellStudio Alphabet Baby Hooded Towel ($26 on sale at Design Public). Also, there is a matching 3 Piece Bib and Burp Set on sale for $19 at the same site. Adorable and educational, I say!

Last but certainly not least is the Ugly Doll. Please tell me you have seen these guys. I had my first Ugly Doll encounter at a local smoothie shop and I think these guys are awesome. Why buy those perfect bitches Barbie and Bratz, or GI Joe? Face it, your husband will never look like Joe, and your chick will never have the perfect physique of Barbie. Let's teach our kids that people, animals, and things are not perfect. Sometimes, they are so ugly they are cute! Just like Babo's Bird here ($20 through Ugly Doll):

And you know your child will cling to this sucker like cheap TP on your ass. Imagine the looks of horror you will get from those crazy old bittys at the grocery store! Worth every penny.

Happy shopping!!


Jessica said...

I love that stuff! All so cute.

momto1 said...

Oh yay, another like minded Mama! I am not a cutesey person either. I refused to put Stink in Pooh or any other character...although some of the "ducky" stuff got through...there are only so many modern footed onsies! There are some really great modern design websites that I am obsessed with! Check out http://www.zacandzoe.com/index.html

Our trip was great, thanks!!

girlferns said...

I totally want an Ugly doll! SOOOO cute! I seriously think I am getting 1 for my niece! Thanks for the idea Tiff!!!

girlferns said...

Yea I can leave comments now :)

Jennifer said...

I just about pee my pants everytime I read your blogs, but this one for surrrre sent me to the bathroom! Keep your head up...things are going to be great soon when your little man comes out :) Can't wait to meet him!

Krista said...

Those socks are too cute! I love all of that stuff!

Colleen said...

Yooooo Joe!