Monday, June 9, 2008

Half Baked

27w 4d

What do you get when you cross a 7 month pregnant chick with sunshine, a nice breeze, and a book? Why yes, you would be correct. You would get a miserable, red, half baked 7 month pregnant chick that is THIS MUCH smarter because she was reading a book. Yes, it was hot yesterday, but there was this wonderful breeze and I thought that maybe, just maybe if I sat outside for an hour and read a book to relax, I might get a little color on me and all would be right in the world. So I gathered up my book, glass of water, spray bottle and even a fan and extension cord to keep me extra cool and headed outside. Of course I made frequent trips inside to the bathroom and checked on my skin progress each time deciding that I was doing just fine. I was only out there for an hour, which usually is a-ok with my skin during any other summer. Not this time, my friends.

I came inside, took a shower and even then commented to myself how that hour was perfect - not really that red at all. Well by the time I was finished getting dressed and headed off to Kohl's, I was bright red. Uh-oh. By the time I got home, I felt like my skin was burning through my clothes. Stupid stupid stupid. So now I have the world's most ridiculous sun burn - only the front half of my body and only the front of my legs, arms and chest since I had a cover-up dress on. My face isn't as red as the rest of my body and my neck is still stark white since I was looking down to read.

The best part about all of this is the week that I chose to burn. This afternoon we are meeting BL's pediatrician and I feel slightly compelled to explain that the current state of my skin is NO indication of the type of parent I will be. SEE?! I kept myself cool with a fan and spray bottle the entire time I was outside so I wouldn't get overheated! I sacrificed my skin!!! I was only out there for an HOUR! I forgot that I am pastier than usual! I also have the first of four prenatal massages Thursday that my wonderful husband bought for me. Hopefully by then the masseuse will be able to work without me whimpering the entire time.

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Colleen said...

And did we learn our lesson? You're all delicate and crap now.