Monday, August 25, 2008

Lots of news and shout outs!

38w 4d

This weekend went by so fast, which is fine with me, but now I actually feel like I have some things to do to keep me busy! I am finishing BL's room today with some wall decals that I took my sweet time ordering from MichelleChristina's Etsy Shop. I will post pictures when I am done!

In other HUGE news, the Monogram Chick gave me an award! I am so excited as it is my first blogger award. So thank you again, I feel soooo loved!! I will be returning the favor soon to some of my fellow bloggers as soon as I grab a moment to breathe (which is tough these days with a little butt pressing into my ribcage). *I am having some issues getting the award up, I will work on this!*

Another thing I wanted to share was my anniversary present from my wonderful husband (who loves me even more now that we made it through draft day without any labor). A while ago I mentioned how cute I thought these bracelets were from Drama Queen Bows and then I completely forgot about them. Low and behold, he had been saving the link the entire time! I absolutely love it and it makes me smile every time I look down at it. Now if I just had a baby to go with the name!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, a HUGE congrats goes out to faithful readers and real-life friends Dan and Nancy who I *think* had their son this weekend. I received a text Saturday morning that her water FINALLY broke (at 41 weeks!) and she was heading to the hospital. I haven't received the details yet, but I will be doing some super-sleuthing today. CONGRATS guys!! Love you!


andrea said...

I just wanted to say thank you for posting that link to the etsy store! I have been looking for some different things like that without luck so far!

and your anniversary present is adorable - hopefully soon you will have a face to the name ;)

angie said...

The bracelet is gorgeous!

Dawn said...

I'm Dawn from Drama Queen Bows and I wanted to give you a big thanks for putting up my link! Nothing makes my day more than hearing that a customer loves their bracelet. Best of luck with Mason!