Friday, August 8, 2008

Appointment Update #1

36w 1d

Now that I go every week to my doctor appointments, Fridays will be reserved for progress reports. BL is head down (YAY!) and I am still at 1/2 centimeter (fingertip) but that is just fine with me. He needs a little while longer to cook and I think I am most excited about the head down part. The thought of an external version (I feel for you, Nancy) or even a c-section scared the crap out of me.

So now to the next item on my agenda: making progress happen. How will I do this? By walking of course! Yesterday was the zoo (more on that later) and today I am heading to the mall.

I guess it is only fair that Paul gets a progress report here too. Just before I was leaving for my appointment, Paul decided to try and catch a drinking glass that was meeting it's untimely death in the sink. He sliced his finger right on the joint and there was blood and "I think it's deep!" going on so we decided to hop on over to the 24 hour care center at our local wellness center to have it checked out and stitched up after my appointment. No stitches needed, just some goo, bandages, a tetanus shot and a splint and we were done. Oh yeah, and many threats to not have the baby there. I guess they were content with their uneventful finger cuts.

Happy Friday!


Colleen said...

Glad all those Luc boys are doing well!

nancy said...

Yeah for the healthy update from the dr!!! I can't believe it's soooooooo close!!! Although I'm not sure what I'll do without your pregnancy blog after he's may have to do a BL blog, the first year....all your fans will go through withdrawl!!!

Erin said...

I'm getting so excited for you! I can't wait for Mason to finally be here so we can see his beautiful self. :)

Christie said...

It's my first time to your blog. I think it so wonderful that you're writing about your pregnancy. You baby will love reading this someday!

angie said...

Yikes on the finger slice, and great news about the baby. Head down is always good! :)