Friday, August 15, 2008

Appointment Update #2

37w 1d

This morning's appointment went great. I am strep B negative (wahoo!) and dilated a full centimeter now! Go bagel, go! The doctor also informed me that she is on call at the hospital tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hint, hint!

When she gave me the option of not having an internal I told her to go for it. Even though it doesn't mean much, it is encouraging to know that I am making some progress. Any day now would be great and she gave me the full go ahead to have this baby! Tomorrow is a full moon...hmmm.
Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Chrissy!!


nancy said...

I'm jealous of your bagel....I have an english muffin.

angie said...

It's crazy how many more babies are born on full moons than any other time!

momto1 said...

Good luck this weekend!

Judi said...

Hope the little guy comes soon!!