Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dear Baby - 36 Weeks


Dear Baby,

We made it! Month nine is officially here and we only have 28 days left to go! I think I am more excited about this than anyone because although I am not working anymore, each day is becoming a challenge. Sleeping is hit or miss and I actually ended up on the couch for the first time two days ago. My hips hurt pretty bad and my back of course is struggling to support you. I may sound like I am complaining, and I am a little bit, but I know this is all worth it because I will get to meet you in less than a month!

Most of the baby websites are clocking you in at a hefty 6 pounds this week, but I am guessing that based on where the doctor measured you 2 weeks ago, you are more like 5.5. You are now most likely at your final length which can be anywhere from 17-20+ inches long (give or take). Since your dad and I are on the small side, I am guessing that when it comes to height, you will be too. Unless you caught some of the tall genes that seem to pop up here and there. You have been getting hiccups about 3 times a day for the past couple weeks and you remain super active most of the time.

Most mornings, you are curled up in a little ball nice and tight (probably from all of my flipping while I sleep) and then by nighttime, you stretch out making my belly appear a little wider. Either way, you are so big now and I think you and I are really starting to make people nervous. When we go out in public, there is always at least one person that asks me if I am due that day, or plan to give birth tomorrow. As much as I want to be snarky and tell them that yes, I totally planned it out so that I could give birth beside the voting booth or the check-out line, I refrain. I give my best smile and tell them that, "No, I still have a little under a month to go".

4 weeks to be exact!


Jessica said...

Woohoo, less than a month until Mason arrives!!!

Laura said...

What do these hiccups feel like?

Tiff said...

Laura, rhythmic "jumps"...or maybe like a muscle spasm? You can seriously watch my stomach jump when he does this!

Laura said...

Next time I see you, I expect hiccups, k?

angie said...

Truly the HOME stretch.......sweet! :)

Itty Bitty said...

Wow! Congtulations on the last month! I know I dont have to tell ou but I started reading your blog before you knew what you were having... it seems like it will be forever until I am down to my last month but I know it will be just as fast. Hope your last month goes great!

Krista said...

Wow! You are so close! You are looking great!

Candis said...

Hi There! I just wanted to tell you congrats. I found your blog through twitter. You look really cute. Good luck!