Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ass licker.

36w 5d

Remember that oh-so-cute alarm clock I mentioned a few posts back? You know the one. He has fur, is kind of chunky, meows, WAS purring ever so lightly to wake me up in the morning?

Well, I changed my mind on loving the alarm clock features, for now he has switched to the "Wake up oh uncomfortable pregnant one - here I will lick my ass ever so loudly for you! Gooood Morning!"

I am working on a sweet surprise for you Internet. Stay tuned.


Control Freak said...

i HATE when our cats do that. Its so gross and quite an unpleasant sound to wake up to in the morning.

Lindsay Stemple said...

Yes, I love surprises!! I have an alarm clock too...not a cat but a 115 lbs Black Lab. We have her on such a routine with our work schedules during the week that she just absolutely thinks that the same schedule should carry into the weekend. When we are not up on the weekend the same time we are up during the week she sits beside the bed and wines and pouts until we wake up!!!! So annoying but so cute :)

Jennifer said...

ok since I can't comment on the video, I will post here! THAT VIDEO ROCKS! OMG it excited me and freaked me out all at the same time ;) How cool to be able to see that happening. I think little buddy is READY to come out for sure! Good luck with the next few weeks...hopefully you won't have to wait much longer! Can't wait to meet him!

Jessica said...

I love your video! It's so cool to see how active Mason is!!!

Krista said...

That video is awesome! I love it! Hopefully we will be able to meet him soon.